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Content creation can be a drag, but losing your fire is worse. Use Scopio to access fresh Instagram content. Scopio helps you collaborate with content creators, find real posts on Instagram and get permission for that content. 


A GIF of Scopio's user-generated content platform.


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A GIF of Scopio's user-generated content platform.
A GIF of Scopio's user-generated content platform.


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Find Real Posts on Instagram and Get Permission for that Content

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"Scopio streamlined the process of digging through social media, automatically removing all the ads and spam that were posted during the World Environment Day campaign to find talented micro-influencers and people participating. We saved time finding the best images to use, which helped both us and the UN Environment team focus on their mission.”

Joonas Virtanen, Experience Design Manager, Purpose

"It’s called Scopio, and it’s filled with stunning, user-contributed photos that you can use instead of ever — and we mean ever— resorting to cheesy stock photo sites. It's kind of like harnessing the power of Influencers for content, but without the back-and-forth for approval. They handle it all for you."

Jordyn Martin, Senior Copywriter and Marketing Specialist, Carney+Co.


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