How to Start a Subscription

For subscriptions with free trials.


Choose your email wisely: You’ll receive all dashboard updates, news and approval notifications from content creators at the email address you choose.

In addition, choose the Instagram account you will link to Scopio wisely: Content creators will receive your requests for their images or videos from this Instagram account, and it will appear publicly in that creator’s comment field. You will be prompted once inside your dashboard (see our Step-by-step guide for more detail).

1) Open on your browser. Select “Plans” on the top navigation bar.

2) Select “Start Free Trial” under the “Standard” plan.

3) Enter in your personal details (First Name, Last Name, Email and so on). Then, select either a “Credit Card” or “PayPal.” Choose your email wisely — you’ll receive all dashboard updates, news and approval notifications from content creators at that email address. When you’re done, click “Subscribe.”

4) You’ll be redirected to Scopio’s account creation page, pictured below. Enter in your personal details, again selecting an email you’d like all Scopio correspondence to go to.

After you submit, you’ll see the message below.

5) The subscriber email you use to sign up will receive an activation email from Scopio. Open up the email you signed up with and look for Scopio’s activation message in your inbox. If you see the screen below, you’re good to go! If you don’t see an email from us, check your spam folder or wait for a few minutes and try refreshing.

6) Click the blue activation button in the activation email.

The hyperlink will redirect you to a screen welcoming you to Scopio. Click the blue login hyperlink, and you’re good to go. If you’re busy, it’s no worries — just make sure to activate in 24 hours before your link expires.

7) Each time you log in, you will be required to enter your email along with your password. Then, click “Submit” to navigate to your new Scopio dashboard.