Scopio is proud to be introducing Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) functionality to our platform to help artists get earnings and royalties for every transaction through NFTs.
We’re excited to be partnering with Magic Eden, the #1 NFT marketplace on Solana, with $15M transactions a day and 15 million users, that launched by the end of 2021.

Guaranteed Payment Scopio is helping rising artists by giving them the option of getting paid in cryptocurrency* and having their work sold as NFTS in addition to making money on Scopio’s platform. This is a perfect and easy way to invest in yourself and in your art and increase your dollar and crypto balance! Our goal is to reach photographers and creatives from countries around the world and provide them with the opportunity of gaining guaranteed money just by letting their artwork do all the job! Crypto payments can be used to make more money through NFTs.

*Cryptocurrency is a virtual currency that can circulate without the need for a central monetary authority such as a government or bank.

Why Choose Scopio? Scopio's mission to support and leverage artists worldwide naturally fits the ethos of NFTs. However, democratization has not yet occurred with global artists given the high costs to “get in.” Using solana, and partnering with Magic Eden allows us to break the barriers for millions of artists no matter their location so they can activate their images, causes and stories. 

We are the only female-owned NFT marketplace and first photography-focused NFT marketplace. 

With the increase in the number of photographs submitted as NFTs, we noticed degrading images of women, or images encouraging violent acts being most valued NFTs today, which is why we see as our duty to shed light on our photographers’ talent and their amazing images and fascinating stories from all around the world. Scopio will be featuring these images in curated collections to serve cause-driven events, highlight important topics and matters, as well as add a nice fun touch to your collection of NFTs! Each collection promotes the artists behind every image, thus opening doors for these creatives to get hired as well. We find it is our job at Scopio to hold on to authenticity and visual language in photography.

Q: How to setup my Phantom Wallet: 

Submit your Wallet ID here in 5 minutes:  NFT Project - Wallet Set up

Q: What is Phantom?
A: Phantom is a crypto wallet for Solana:

Q: What is NFT:
A: Scopio has a video on Instagram explaining what is NFT:

Q: Why Solana?
A:  Low fees, fast transactions, and a great community allowing us to bring global artists opportunities in NFT. 

Q: Do I need to do constant checks and observations on the image(s) I upload, or is this something that will earn/grow by itself?
A: Once you register your NFT it will go through a process called "minting," this image is going to be registered on a platform, like Solana or Ethereum. That record is unique, meaning that it can only be traded from person to person, so after you do your first selling of that image, the buyer can also sell it to someone else, who can sell it again, and so on. As for you, being the original artist/creator of that NFT, you will receive royalties for each transaction of that NFT in the future, which is automatically credited in your crypto wallet (Phantom).

Q: Where is my wallet ID?
A: Your wallet ID is on the top part of the phantom app. Clicking on the ID will copy it to the clipboard. This can be shared publicly. Do not share your secret phrase with anyone.

Q: How do we register our NFT?
A: You can submit your images at Adding stories to your images is always a plus since it adds more value and context to your art! Then our editors will curate the images and add them to the collections and build storytelling and causes around them when you tell us what is important for you.

Q: How will Phantom work for our photo?
A: Phantom helps you on managing your crypto wallet. Phantom works with Solana in the same way Metamask works with Ethereum.

Q: Do you need specific images? What is trending?
A: All we need is the wallet for now.  If you have anything more creative, you can upload it to your Scopio page, which will get curated by our editors. For this project, we mainly appreciate editorial images, as well as art, illustrations, and creative photography around storytelling and causes. If you want to get inspired, go to OpenSea and search by photography.

Q: Do you take all the photos from our portfolios or just choose some that fit? If you choose, can you show some examples of photos that you plan to sell as NFTs? I’m already part of another NFT Platform, is it okay if I’m using the same photos as NFT for both platforms?
A: Once you associate your wallets, we're going to make all of your published photos available to be purchased as NFTs on the Solana Network.

Q: The pictures I post on Scopio are non exclusive. Will this affect selling them as NFTs?
A: No, it won't affect the selling procedure. Buying an NFT is more about getting ownership of that asset over a network (Ethereum or Solana), but it won't affect the right of other companies or individuals to use those images if you, as the creator, allow them to do so. Scopio lets you keep the copyright of your images, so you are just “licensing” them on web 2 and web 3 now.

Q: As a buyer would you pay a few pennies for an image or a lot more for the NFT?
A: That is one of the main reasons why Scopio chose Solana instead of Ethereum as the blockchain to mint NFTs: Ethereum "gas fee" (the fee that you pay to the minter to mint the NFT into the blockchain) is very high (~$80), and when we compare to Solana (~$0.10) it becomes clear that it would impact a lot into how much the artist would receive.

Q: Will we receive royalties for the reselling of the NFTs?
A: Yes, the artists will receive royalties for the reselling of NFT which is why we are so excited about this for the ownership and future for artists.

Q : I've created a wallet.  How do I associate it with a Scopio account?
A: The team is currently developing the integration to the portals, so for now you can submit your wallet through this Google Form ASAP: NFT Project - Wallet Set up 
Note: make sure to use  the same email that you use in Scopio Contributor Portal  (edited)

Q: If I don't set up your Phantom wallet, what happens? 
A: We will set up a Scopio wallet by default. This is not the best option since we need to transfer ownership if there is a sale, and there will be a gas fee that the artist will have to pay to receive the images. We already have the licenses needed for this in the contributor agreement, and this license will now serve as a license on the blockchain where you will see full transparency of use and royalties per sale, which is better for the artist. This is something Web 2.0 has not allowed us to do and a beautiful thing about the blockchain.

Q: Can only commercial images be NFTs? 
A: All images and renderings can be NFTs except for images that represent memorabilia like Coke, Harry Potter, Ferrari.

Q:  What is the Fee Structure?
A: Magic Eden is a Curated centralized marketplace. One of the largest marketplaces on Solana with a focus on ease of use for creators and collectors.

  • No listing fees on Magic Eden. 
  • Magic Eden takes 2% on all transactions. 
  • Magic Eden honors the royalties set by creators.

Q: Regarding royalties for each transaction on Magic Eden what is the fee structure?
A: 60% goes to the photographer, 38% goes to Scopio and 2% goes to Magic Eden

Q: What is the fee structure on Scopio’s site
A: Photographers pick their percent and can add wallets to share their earnings, for example with a charity they are a part of.

Royalties are defined at 6%
70% goes to the Artist (4.2%)
30% goes to Scopio (1.8%)

Q: What are "traits" on Magic Eden
A: Traits or Attributes defines the Uniqueness/Rarity of an object or in this case, your NFT. 

Q: Why NFT's are exciting
A: Collectors are different, a whole new market of people buying than traditional art.

Q: Re-sale royalties
A: It is a whole different sphere, and they love the idea of having a resale royalty, that is something that is baked into the contract which doesn't exist in sales today. The engagement and secondary market guarantees compensation that keeps paying back.

Q: Why should I add my story to my image to make it more valuable?
A: The question to ask yourself is why does this work as an NFT? Yourn idea is what is missing You have to include your idea that fits the description or concept of the image to make it more valuable. It is the natural projection of photography. For example, when you walk into a gallery or museum and see a painting, the actual painting is not the artwork - the idea, the framework that describes the idea and contained in the certificate of authenticity is the artwork. Have fun telling the story in the image (fantasy or reality)

Q: Where can I promote my images?
A: Twitter and Discord. The more you engage the more you get back. Show up.

Q: Gamifying it
A: Some ideas. There is an interplay or competition between physical and NFT. You can exchange the NFT for a physical but you have to exchange it so it's a battle between NFT and physical. Successful projects play on our senses and fun

Q: The number one reason people buy NFT's
A: For fun. There is only so much space on your walls but you can buy NFT's all day and collect more art and photography that you care about.

Scopio stands for “Scope It Out”, a digital space with the primary goal of elevating human stories told by people from underrepresented communities and regions. The vision of Scopio is to distribute the world’s images so they can make their place in history.


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