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Exterior view of makeshift hospital's tent window with an older man with facemask inside in Jakarta, Indonesia

Exterior view of makeshift hospital's tent window with an older man with facemask inside in Jakarta, Indonesia

arimacs wilander
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In early July 2021, the Indonesian government decided to implement a policy of restrictions public activities on the islands of Java and Bali after the new virus variant spread rapidly. These restrictions are stricter than ever. I walk downtown of Jakarta as the capital city of...Indonesia which is in the western part of Java Island, where I live. The city streets were deserted, only a few public vehicles passed and a few people wearing masks walked on the sidewalks. Jakarta is considered the center of the spread of the new Corona virus because as the capital city of the country, many people from abroad come and go. I heard the news that many hospitals in Jakarta were in a difficult situation. The availability of room for patients is full and not enough to accommodate patients suffering from Covid-19. I decided to come to several hospitals in Jakarta a few days later. As a freelance photojournalist, it was quite difficult for me to get permission to take pictures at the hospital. I repeatedly asked permission from the hospital authorities and finally I was allowed to take pictures only for a few minutes. I saw many patients being treated in emergency tents in the front yard of the hospital because the hospital room was full. I even saw patients who had to wait outside for treatment and oxygen assistance. With a sad feeling I tried to take advantage of the short time given by the hospital authorities to take pictures. An old man caught my eye when I was almost done taking pictures. He is a Covid-19 patient who is being treated in a tent with a blank stare, I suspect he is feeling depressed being in an emergency Covid-19 patient care tent. I continue to observe the situation of Covid-19 transmission in Jakarta through online news and the government's official website. The increase in the death toll continued to rise in the second week of July 2021. I decided to go to a public cemetery for Covid-19 victims. I saw the funeral attendants were very busy, every hour they worked to bury the coffins sent by the health workers from the hospital. They are victims of Covid-19. As the sun began to set my eyes fell on a man praying and filming a video of his dead brother right in front of the burial pit. He was praying for his brother who died due to Covid-19 while making a Whatsapp video call that was connected to his other siblings at home. The man himself, because of the rules for funerals for Covid-19 victims, is not allowed to be delivered with many people. Photos and Stories; Arimacs Wilander (Freelance Photojournalist based in Jakarta, Indonesia) Read More

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