10 Quarantine Photo Shoot Ideas for Tiktok and Instagram

Quarantined? Here's a list of 10 Quarantine Ideas for Photographers. It may help you stand out and get a bigger audience during this time and have fun!

quarantine photo shoot ideas

Here are some photographer ideas we found on Instagram and Tiktok that top photographers are using to get noticed, build their audience, and flex their creativity during quarantine.

1. Take Self Portraits on your iphone

Found on Tikotk at @alissa.iris

a. Put a bedsheet over a ping pong table or another table outside, and put it vertically.

b. Stand in front of it.

c. Put your car mount on a bbq set or outdoor furniture, start the timer and start shooting.


2. Challenging all photographers to step in front of the camera more often.

Try some self portraits out yourself 

Found on Tiktok @brandon_woelfel


3. Give your animals that notoriety they deserve. 

Found on Tiktok @ravi 

a. elevate your cute dog, bunny, or cat

b. put an accessory on them.

c. Meet them eye to eye

d. Start shooting!


4. Use your siblings

Found on Tiktok @sydforsyth

a. Have your sister or brother dress up

b. Find your favorite spot outside.

c. Start shooting! 


5. Missing your loved one? Stage a photo shoot together on your iphones. 

a. Both go outside

b. one person tells the other how to pose with the iphone in the grass.

c. use the timer to capture some laughs and vulnerability


6. Wash your car

a. Get two nice looking sponges with soap and water

b. Have someone pour one sponge of water over the other

c. Stand on the other side of the car and capture the movement.

Found on Tiktok @christian_shay


7. Use Zoom.

a. We found a project was done using Zoom that reflects the new generation.

b. Give direction, style the model and watch the magic.

Found on Instagram at @fadidahabreh


8. Macro photography

Get out a pack of pencils and shoot up close.


9. Use traditional props.

a. Lots of people have random traditional pieces in their house.

b. Bring them out and use them as props.

We went behind the Scenes w/ Indian Photographer Abhishek Yadav on Instagram @STREETSTYLOSPHERE

Padma- the Lotus Lady- Beloved Abhi shares how he sees the beauty in his natural India, with its history, glory and family traditions. He describes what is worth capturing, photographing on a budget, and how he thinks through the concepts he sees all around him. These are some shoots you can do at your house during quarantine with your loved ones if you are looking for some ideas, and something your family can keep for a lifetime. Check out his work on @STREETSTYLOSPHERE and download his images on Scop.io by searching his name.


10. Re-edit old photos

Sometimes a fresh set of eyes finds you gems. Get those photos off your hard-drive and seen by the world. See more on this youtube video about quarantine ideas.


Submit your quarantine photos on scop.io/submit

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