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"The COVID-19 pandemic changed every aspect of our lives. This woman caught my attention and it was as if she represented everyone in that God is Love church, praying for help."

"The reason that I had to take these pictures in all reality is quite saddening. As an African-American male, we are being brutalized by police, and there has been this culture of unaccountability."

"This illustration is a tribute to the queer revolution in Morocco and a statement about the importance of LGBTQ+ Arab representation.

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It does not cost money to submit.

It's 100% free for anyone to submit. You'll be paid every time your photos get published by companies. Some of our top photographers make over $2000/month. We will tag and title your work and do the leg work for you to promote you and your photos. 

How many photos should I submit?

We like when you submit more than 30 photos, you don't need to do it at once, but it will help us pick the best of your work and promote YOU. The more you submit the more your page will grow. You are welcome to submit unlimited images. Just make sure your photos fit the requirements listed above. If you have photos without people, submit those separately and write 0 when uploading. Submit here:

What kind of photos does Scopio want?

We welcome all kinds of photography in any category. We love human diversity and photos of everyday life. 

The photos should also be natural. They should represent what’s popular in your region while retaining the authenticity that makes Instagram, well...Instagram! Think about what makes your city, town or country unique, and aim to show that in your submissions. We love photos of groups, like families or friends, if you can get the ok from all of the people in the photos.

Please avoid watermarks, logos and brand names, heavy retouching or facetuning and images without people. You can remove things like logos using photo editing software (more on this later).

If you’re not sure whether your photos would work for Scopio, we’re happy to take a look at your proposed submissions. Simply send an Instagram DM to or email us at We’re happy to help. Submit here:

What is a model release?

A model release is a legal agreement that allows photographers the ability to license images of other people. If you appear in a photograph that a photographer is trying to license (and you are recognizable in the image), you will need to sign a model release for it. And if you're a photographer, you'll need to get all of your models to sign releases. If you are a photographer and you appear in your own images, you will need to sign a model release for yourself. Submit here:

How many model releases do I need to fill out if I’m the only person in the photos?

Please fill out one model release for yourself each time you submit, unless the photos of you from all submissions are from the same shoot. Submit here:

How many model releases does a model need to sign?

Each separate model needs to sign one model release per shoot. If you have separate shoots with the same model, have them fill one out for each shoot. Submit here:

How do I access the model release? Do I need to get a copy online?

We provide the model release for you so that it's an easier process. After you finish uploading your photos and click submit, we'll create a special model release page just for you where you can view the images you submitted send out releases to your friends to sign. Your browser should automatically refresh to this page. 

Make sure you create a bookmark of this page so you can go back to it later. If you lose track of your special model release link, just email or check your all mail folder. Submit here:

Who signs a model release?

Recognizable people in images should sign model releases if the photographer is trying to license or publish photographs of them.

You might need to sign multiple model releases if you appear in more than one photo. 

If you're the photographer and you appear in your own images, you will also need a model release.

My friends aren’t models. Do I need to have them sign a model release?

Yes, they would need to sign a model release. In this case, model simply refers to a photo’s subject — not just those Gisele Bündchen types. Submit here:

Do I need a model release if I submit photos of my child (or if someone else does)?

Yes, we would need a model release for your child if you or someone else submitted photos of them. You will be able to fill out a model release using their name and information. Since we need your consent as a parent or guardian, please don't forget to add your signature at the end to give permission to sell their photos. Submit here:

My model does not want to sign a release. What should I do?

You can submit images that are not model released, but they can only be published with little uses. In this case, we suggest also submitting images of people who do agree to sign a release. This will increase your chances of being published and paid for your hard work. Submit here:

How do photographers and models sign the model release?

Like the licensing agreement, the model can access the model release online through our web-based submission portal. Submit here:


Am I paid for each image I submit?

We will pay you if any images you submit are purchased by one of our clients. 

How will I be paid?

If your images are purchased, we’ll reach out and pay you using PayPal when you meet a $50 threshold due to payment processing fees. If you don't have a PayPal account, it's very quick and easy to sign up. We are building a photographer portal for more ease of use, for now all info is done by email.

How much will I be paid?

You get 40% of individual image sales, 20% of every download in our subscription, and 100% of revenue from customers who contact you through Scopio for collaboration opportunities. You can be paid up to $500 USD per image that is purchased. Receiving credit on your images in Scopio's library also opens the door for more sales and connections for you.  

Another way to increase your payout is to refer photographers to us that might be interested in submitting. Simply DM us on Instagram or shoot us an email at with their Instagram handles (and yours), and we’ll reach out.

When do I get paid?

Rest assured that we will email you to set up a payment if your images are purchased. You can also see which images were accepted, that we will market on our website.

How can I increase my chances of getting paid?

You can increase your chances of being paid by:

  • Ensuring that many images have people (or a human element like hands) in them, and that they have a candid and authentic feel
  • Making sure your submissions are the highest image quality possible (10 MP or above is ideal)
  • Submitting as many photos as you have available for this project. A wide variety gives us more to choose from.
  • Featuring elements from your distinct region or culture
  • Ensuring that all your models sign releases for all images they are featured in
  • Ensuring that all images aren’t edited heavily or Facetuned
Will I receive royalties?

Sometimes royalties are included in payments. Our goal is to sell your photos non-exclusively to audiences, sometimes we partner with other companies and it is a one time payment, and other times we will sell you per sale. This opens up the door for future connections and additional projects, and name recognition for you, as well as more ways to sell. We also print products from our top quality images. We are here to find ways to promote and market your creativity. You just upload once and we tag, title, and promote and sell it to creative buyers and think of ways to get your content out into the world and make you money.

About Scopio

What’s Scopio?

We're a high-tech company based out of New York. Scopio provides authentic real and diverse photos businesses can finally use and supports creators by giving them a platform to license, promote and sell their images which are powerful beyond measure.

We're committed to the photo creators and creatives of the world and want to help them create long-lasting influence and partnerships to humanize storytelling. Read about us here. Follow us on Instagram