Buyer FAQ

Who We Are and What We Do

What is Scopio?

Scopio offers you diverse and global images and people from 190 countries to use images from and hire. Using Scopio is simple. Use our search terms to find images or hire artists. Sign up for a subscription to use images or hire artists through the site or by contacting us.

Listen to our podcast episodes by our CEO about our subscriptions and hiring artists.

You can hire artists exclusively with Scopio to create content more meaningful to your brand and projects. 

We specialize in illustration, animation, FX, NFT generative art, photography, and create music visuals, film visuals, key art, photoshoots, cinematic art, book covers, social posters.  Some work:

Key Art for Media and Entertainment
Branding and Logo art
Custom Typography for your brand or projects
Music Visuals
Snapchat and Instagram Filters
Environmental Art
Concept Art
Character Art (3D Skeletal and Texture)
Prop Art
Generative Art Collections and 1/1 NFTS
Physical Art Installations
Custom Photoshoots
Short films
Animation and FX ART
Video and photo editing

Hiring is easy. You send us a brief of your project needs and hop on a call with our producers to lock in the details on your timeline, and budget.

You can contact our lead producer with any immediate questions or to schedule a call.

Scopio is a community-based platform and marketplace where anyone can share images and stories from around the world. With the goal of elevating human stories told by people from underrepresented communities and regions, the vision of Scopio is to distribute the world’s images so they can make their place in history. Scopio has over 25k businesses who use millions of images and hire more than 14k artists from 190 countries in photography, art, illustration and more.

How does Hiring Work?

You can hire for the creation of art and photography including NFT collection art including meta for the smart contracts, illustrations 2D/3D, animation, VFX, including the creation of music visuals, book visuals, NFT's film posters, key art, film & cinematography, director - filming and editing

We access our creator pool of 14k artists worldwide who have all different skill sets and software knowledge. Our community offers your projects accurate representation - as every artist can be local to your country, city.

We focus on Diversity and Authenticity. 

We open the door to real content and real people from underserved areas of the world as well as the most talented people in your city, with a fresh stream of content from rising photo creators from all over the world. We do all the leg work of finding diverse artists, and legally clearing them for commercial, editorial, and personal use. This means you get all the benefits of authentic photos, and they’re safe for you, and your clients to use for any creative projects. You can hire artists on their artist page and expand your creativity with these diverse artists and photographers

How does Scopio open the door to the world's best and newest content?

The world has dramatically changed, and for the first time ever, content has been democratized, where you can discover images from any corner on earth. Instagram alone adds over 50 million new images and videos to the global mix every single day with more than a billion creators on the platform showing their best stuff. Finally, anywhere you are in the world you can share your talent and new places, faces and trends. 

Scopio opens the door to a new world of authentic images and people without all the hurdles.

Through building the world most diverse artist community we open the doors for businesses to come to one place to get all of their custom made content. Our team of directors and producers can lead your team in the right direction, providing personalized art consultations, concepts, creative decks and put you in touch with the team of artists that can carry out your project. 

Our exclusive a.i. filtering system allows us to work fast to lock down the right artist for your project. We can filter what you need down to the very city, skill and software knowledge. 

Every artist is registered with Scopio, we take care of all payments and contracts on our platform, so all you need to provide is your brief, and we will carry out the art.

How do I credit artists?

If you are looking to credit the photographer you can by Full Name/ You can also add a link to their page by clicking on their name. For example, Nicole Kareem/ A credit isn't required with Scopio, but photo creators appreciate it and can benefit through more exposure to their art and work. 

How do I save images?

Log in to your customer account and click on the "Saved Images" tab in the dashboard. If you haven't created boards yet, this section will be empty. To create a board, click on "Add Board" and a field will appear under it. Name it and click "Save."

To add a photo to a board, search for a photo you like. Click on it to go to image details. Then click on the heart icon. a menu with all the saved boards will pop-up. Select the board you want to save the photo under and click "Add."

To see your saved photos, click on a board, and you can see all the photos that you've added to it. You can share your board on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest.

Why is Scopio better than just searching directly on social media sites?

When asking for permissions to "repost" photos, you don't have permission to use them across all your channels. Scopio provides you the ability to use authentic photos across all your storytelling. We update fresh, relevant photos every day. With Scopio you can support creators from all over the world, who are looking for powerful voices for their powerful images. Our filters are made to help you diversify your content and talent pool.


How do I use images without the watermark?

When you download an image, the watermark will be removed. 

What about rights? Standard License vs. Extended License 

You can view more information on our different licensing terms here.

The default terms of our agreement grant the subscriber use of the media for online use, social media, web and internal corporate use (Digital Rights). This includes publication emails, newsletters, web pages and social media pages operated by the subscriber.

The subscriber can also buy higher profile “Other Rights," which include Print, Broadcast, Cable, TV, Theatrical, Merchandise, Advertisements and Templates.

For the most image buyers, the Standard License is sufficient enough for their needs. However, in some cases, a customer may need additional rights not covered by the scope of the Standard License, like printing and placing the content in advertising or broadcast, which is why we also offer an Extended License. You click the option you want and you can easily checkout. Learn more about the license agreement.

Standard License

  • Publication emails
  • Newsletters
  • Web pages 
  • Social media pages

Extended License

  • Print
  • Broadcast
  • Cable
  • TV
  • Theatrical
  • Merchandise
  • Advertisements 
  • Templates

In our current small business/individual use subscription you are covered for both standard and extended use. We support creators by offering them a way to license their creativity. This subscription is Scopio's contribution to expand the potential of great creativity and big ideas like your own t-shirt line or interior decor where you need the commercial license to power your storytelling. We understand small budgets, and we don't want that to get into the way of you impacting the web.

What about third party IP?

Content creators warrant the rights to their content by agreeing to the Contributor Agreement

Scopio has a world class editing team to secure rights and clearances.

Can I do anything I want with the image or video artistically?

Once you purchase your appropriate rights, you can download the photo and edit it. You can not re-sell images and must respect our sensitive use policy.

How to determine the image DPI based on the size of the image?

To determine the image DPI (Dots Per Inch), you need to find out what size you're printing the image as. For example, if an image is 1200x1800 pixels and 4x6 inches in size, you divide the number of dots wide by the number of inches wide to find out the DPI:

1800 dots / 6 inches = 300 DPI.

For more info, click here.

Scopio offers research services for Team Accounts on an hourly basis. Please inquire.

We offer Research Services for larger team accounts juggling busy schedules that are looking for the right images.

Scopio can help handle curating your brand look, or finding diverse images of people and places, whether that’s per project or per day. You just sign up with us as a customer through a standard agreement, which offers your team standard rates and email us when you need images. 

Scopio can do the following to help busy people:

  • You sign up with us for web use or extended use, and we give your team codes for our marketplace you can use anytime, and we invoice you afterwards

  • you can sign up for a subscription, or multiple subscriptions for your organization and take advantage of the subscription offering or contact us for larger accounts.

  • You email with your research request, for example 20 lifestyle images of Authentic Bad Ass Women, or 30 images of real families, and we get back to you within 24 hours with links to our site to fit your need. You can also hire artists if you want something specific.

  • The ability to download comps at no additional fee

  • Advice from our experts on the latest and greatest from every corner of the world

And much more, depending on your project! Contact us to discuss details and pricing.

The Scopio Difference

While stock websites can limit your creativity by surfacing only the most popular contributors or best-selling content, Scopio provides a whole new world of fresh, diverse and unique images and people

This content captures a slice of reality with no holds barred. Scopio stands for "Scope it out". We are scoping out the world's freshest images from rising photo creators you never had access to before. You never know what you might discover through our site.

How much do photos cost per month?

You can directly buy content from our site or sign up for a subscription and download images. If you are a larger company, and need a company account, we can send you a partnership form, and then you can have more freedom to download comps, a standard rate, and have team accounts. If you do not need access to invoicing, or research services you can buy multiple subscriptions to fit your needs. You can also purchase images in NFT's.

What are my payment options?

Online payment methods include major credit cards and invoices for business plans, we’ll send you an invoice, or you can pay directly. Contact us through our contact form to discuss what works best for you.

How can I get an extended license?

For any images on our site that are commercial it is $199 additional for covers in the extended license. We can send you an invoice if you email with the image you would like to use. If you would like more uses please inquire. . 

How can I hire an artist?

If you need something specific, you can hire artists in photography, art, illustration, graphics and more. Inquire or fill out the form directly on the artist page.