Photo Buyer FAQ

Who We Are and What We Do

What is Scopio?

Scopio is a supplier of user-generated photos sourced directly from photographers through social media. Using our proprietary search engine, we capture and curate photos from the 4 billion posted daily. We then license and sell high-quality commercial images that are relevant, affordable, and effective.

If you’re too busy building your empire, we offer custom services where we can discover, request, license and download user-generated images on your behalf.

How is Scopio different from traditional stock licensing? 

Scopio’s mission is to overcome social media licensing challenges. We open the door to a world of content that’s often more compelling than traditional stock. We do all the leg work of finding great photos, and legally clearing them for commercial, editorial, and personal use. This means you get all the benefits of user generated photos, and they’re safe for you, and your clients to use for any creative projects. 

How does Scopio open the door to social media content?

The world has dramatically changed, and for the first time ever, content has been democratized, where you can discover photos from any corner on earth. Instagram alone adds over 50 million new images and videos to the global mix every single day. This makes it an exciting, untapped resource.

Scopio opens the door to a new world of content to complement your stock sources. And in many cases, it can even replace them.

Why is Scopio better than just searching directly on social media sites?

When asking for permissions to "repost" photos, you don't have permission to use them across all your channels. Scopio provides you the ability to user authentic photos across all your storytelling. Weekly we deliver fresh, relevant photos.


What about rights? Standard License vs. Extended License 

You can view more information on our different licensing terms here.

The default terms of our agreement grant the subscriber use of the media for online use, social media, web and internal corporate use (Digital Rights). This includes publication emails, newsletters, web pages and social media pages operated by the subscriber.

The subscriber can also buy higher profile “Other Rights," which include Print, Broadcast, Cable, TV, Theatrical, Merchandise, Advertisements and Templates.

For the most image buyers, the Standard License is sufficient enough for their needs. However, in some cases, a customer may need additional rights not covered by the scope of the Standard License, like printing and placing the content in advertising or broadcast, which is why we also offer an Extended License. Learn more about the license agreement.

Standard License

  • Publication emails
  • Newsletters
  • Web pages 
  • Social media pages

Extended License

  • Print
  • Broadcast
  • Cable
  • TV
  • Theatrical
  • Merchandise
  • Advertisements 
  • Templates

What about third party IP?

Content creators warrant the rights to their content by agreeing to the Contributor Agreement

Scopio has a world class editing team to secure rights and clearances.

Can I do anything I want with the image or video artistically?

Once you purchase your appropriate rights, you can download the photo and edit it. 

What are custom services?

We offer Custom Services for folks juggling busy schedules that still need access to specific, and authentic images and videos.

Scopio can help handle all of the discovery and licensing of social media content for you, whether that’s per project or per day. We use an internal Scopio dashboard and our social media expertise to scope out images and videos you’re interested in publishing.

Scopio can do the following to help busy folks:

  • Coordinate additional rights needed for your project
  • Secure high-quality versions of images you’re interested in
  • Create lists of and reach out to influencers creating the content you need

And much more, depending on your project! Contact us to discuss details and pricing.

The Scopio Difference

While stock websites can limit your creativity by surfacing only the most popular contributors or best-selling content, Scopio provides a whole new world of fresh photos that have never been used by anyone, let alone a competitor.

Social media content might require a little extra work, but it can capture a slice of reality with no holds barred. You never know what you might discover through our site.

How much do photos cost per month?

There are no subscriptions, no credits, no minimum, and no hidden fees. Our photos range in price and start at $4. You can directly buy it from our site and download it. If you want a company account, we can send you a partnership form, and give you a code for your team to download, and invoice you directly

What are my payment options?

Online payment methods include major credit cards and Paypal for business plans, we’ll send you an invoice. Contact your dedicated Scopio representative to discuss what works best for you.