Editorial License

For  many image buyers, the Editorial License is sufficient when using an image  to illustrate anything truthful. However, in some cases, a customer may need additional rights not covered by the scope of the Editorial License if the images is used to promote or sell  products or services. Learn more about the license agreement.

When using editorial images, you must take all possible and reasonable efforts to credit. "Artist's Full Name/Scop.io


Editorial License cover the following types of use

  • Illustrate content or articles that is newsworthy, or of public interest including sports, entertainment or cultural events, in any type of publication,whether  print or digital, such as books , textbooks, encyclopedias, research books or articles, newspapers, magazines, blogs, if provided there is a reasonable connection between the image and the content 

  • non-commercial presentations

  • News or other educational or informational programs, including documentary films

  • personal use

Examples of prohibited use:

  • Images used to promote or endorse a product or service, or a commercial event, including fundraising events

  • Images used for advertising or promotional  purposes

  • Images used as a trademark

  • Images used for merchandise purposes such as posters, greeting cards, templates, t-shirts, or the like


  1. Images marked as "Editorial Use Only" are made for use in truthful stories or articles about newsworthy events or items of public interest, where the images has a reasonable relationship to the content.

  2. Files marked "Editorial Use Only" are sold under a limited Standard license. These Files may contain images of people without model releases, private property, famous trademarks and other protected elements for which special permissions may be required for commercial use or advertising.

  3. When using such a File, you must take all possible and reasonable efforts to credit the copyright owner (Scopio contributor), give attribution to Scopio and post a link to www.scop.io (if applicable). The copyright notice must contain the following: “[Name or Nickname of the Contributor (author)] /Scop.io.”

Why would I want to download an editorial licensed photo?

If you are using images for e-learning or reviewing a product on your blog, it is useful to have a photo to illustrate the subject or  of the product you are reviewing. A Scopio photo of an iPhone in an article about iPhones or an Audi Car if you are reviewing the car would be an example. If you are blogging about vacation, or want to write a review about a product you came across, you can find an image of the location spot or the product with its logo through our Editorial collection.

You cannot use images for Advertorial. Advertorial for example, would be an ad in disguise of an article. If it’s information on a current event like Women’s March or COVID-19 that would be ok to use.    

If you are unsure of your use case or if you require additional rights, contact us.