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Why should I get an image subscription?

Because if you are a small business, there is no other subscription plan in the world that offers unlimited commercial high quality photos! Plus who doesn't need to tell more authentic stories with more fresh, diverse, and real images. With an account, you can save inspiration boards, and see past downloaded images, and billing history. Check out testimonials here.

Do I need a team account or an individual account?

The individual account was created exclusively for 1 person teams or individual creators. If you are a small or large business with more than 1 person, then you will need to purchase one of our team accounts

What if I am the only one on my team using the account? Do I still need a team account?

Yes, you will still need a team account. The Creative account was made exclusively for individual creators

Which team account do I need?

There are 3 different team accounts

How can I track my teams usage?

You can track all usage in the downloads section. Your dashboard will track all your downloads so that you can know what is being used. You can also search saved boards.

What kind of images can I download?

You can download any images from our site filled with thousands of commercial images sourced from over 150 countries, submitted daily from rising and talented image creators. Browse our collections to get an idea. 

Can I cancel my subscription Anytime?

Yes, no commitment required. You can cancel if not satisfied before the next billing period. Scopio does not offer refunds.

Do I have to create an account?

Yes, there are different accounts to choose from. For large enterprise accounts, you can contact us directly for specific team pricing and we'll get back right away to set you up. Now you can get the correct account for your team and join thousands of creatives using Scopio to humanize their storytelling. 

How do I save images?

Log in to your customer account and click on the "Saved Images" tab in the dashboard. If you haven't created boards yet, this section will be empty. To create a board, click on "Add Board" and a field will appear under it. Name it and click "Save." To add a photo to a board, search for a photo you like. Click on it to go to image details. Then click on the heart icon. a menu with all the saved boards will pop-up. Select the board you want to save the photo under and click "Add." To see your saved photos, click on a board, and you can see all the photos that you've added to it. You can share your board on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest.

Where can I use the photos?
We are making it easier than ever to use amazing photos! This subscription covers both standard and extended uses for individuals and small businesses to use photos commercially, and all photos have the releases necessary for business use. Use them everywhere: Publication emails, Newsletters, Web pages, Mobile Apps, Social Media, Print, Broadcast, Cable, TV, Theatrical, Merchandise, Advertisements, Templates, Powerpoint, print products and more. 

If you are looking to credit the photographer you can by Full Name/Scopio. You can also add a link to their page by clicking on their name. For example, Nicole Kareem/Scopio. A credit isn't required with Scopio since all of our content is licensed, but artists appreciate it and can benefit through more exposure to their art and work and through google search.  If you are an enterprise, contact us form here for Scopio Enterprise. Check out more in our Photo Buyer FAQ.