Customer Testimonials on Scopio

Check out customer testimonials from storytellers all over the world.

"I bought a subscription to Scopio a few months ago and it's actually really really good. The photos are really candid and authentic, completely different to anything available on other sites. We've used photos from Scopio for tons of our social media posts for our cosmetics brand, and even on a few of our websites... they make it look like you've had a real photo shoot done with cool humans instead of using stock photos with awkwardly posing models!" Leanne Beesley

"I got to see Scopio grow from its early days to what it is today and as a user I am still excited about the concept behind this product. The added value it brings to artists, firms and the marketplace as a whole is indisputable. Can't wait to see where this unique company will go next!" Francois Livesfree

"Lovely collection of pictures suitable for many uses and never prosy." Pikit

"This is wonderful platform, it helps photographers enhance their creativity and also business wise." Ogundele Ayorinde 

"I have been plesaantly surprised by the uniqueness and quality of the photos. Although I have other subscriptions I keep returning to Scopio for something 'unstock' like. Great job and I'm excited about being able to access all the new content." Rob Witty

 "Thank you. This is a great product and the quality of the photos is something I can depend on." Ck Martell

"Great selection of high quality shots that are drop-in ready for our catalogs, website, and ad campaigns." Theodore Jaeger

"I bought an NFT to support the BLM movement" - Chris Lamar

"Scopio is a great tool to find the most exciting and unique images. The platform is great to use and very user friendly, they continuously are adding new features that helps user to have a better experience." Fabian Valencia

"Scopio rocks! Stylistically delicious. Some of the most interesting images on the web." Josh Weissenstein "I am a graphic designer and I use this image bank often. It is great." KINNIT

"I love this! What an ingenious way of bringing authentic photos that are diverse and truly representative to the otherwise-boring world of stock photography!" Ibrahim

"I hired an illustrator from Scopio. They managed the payments and produced everything. I got to pick a female illustrator which was what I needed." -Jessica Cook

"I worked with two Scopio artists to produce an NFT collection around social impact" - Jessica Stream