Scopio created a podcast for the global artist. Scopio is home to the most diverse images on the web and over 20k photographers and creators. One by one each photographer shares their unique story and their personal experience and tips on what it takes to build a name in the photography industry. Learn tips, and build your business! 

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Some Episodes: 

Creating an Elopement and Wedding Photography Business (in the Alps!!)

Using Instagram as an influencer to earn money

Capturing the forests of Transylvania after the fall of communism.

Art Director, Stylist and Graphic Designer- Doing it ALL!

Astrophotography and the great outdoors

Helping people find their inner strength through photography

Choosing photography after pursuing a law degree

Creating an international photography business

Using photography for brand communication

Landscape Photography in South America

Blending African Style W/ Modern Ideas: Photos shot on iPhone.

Avant garde fashion photography in Ukraine

Documenting Images for NGO's (Non-Profit Organizations)

Turn Your Photography into A Business

Conceptual Photography as a Means of Self Expression

Overcoming Depression through the Art of Photography

Breaking Stereotypes in Libya W/ Photography

Underground fashion photography in Tunisia

Breaking out of your comfort zone as a photographer