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How To Sell More Photos Commercially As An Influencer

Submit your real-life photos: A few lifestyle photos that were sold to clients commercially using Scopio. It helps to have some sort of human element in the images you're trying to sell. If you're an aspiring Instagram or social media influencer, it can be hard to break through all of the noise. There are hundreds of thousands of other people trying to make their mark in the influencer realm, and some of them might even be in your niche. One way to get success (while also fostering valuable working relationships with brands) is to also sell your photos commercially.  As it turns out, you can sell your photos to companies and organizations around the globe fairly easily. Many of the companies...

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Actionable Ways To Sell More Photos Commercially

Here are just a few examples of photos that were successfully sold commercially Whether you're an entrepreneur building your own visual brand or business, a creative with experience under your belt or a casual photographer looking to expand your skills and repertoire, you can sell your photos to companies and organizations around the globe fairly easily. Many of these companies might even be ones you look up to.  Great cameras are also more common than ever before, and people everywhere are spending time taking photos that are not only diverse, but truly engaging. There’s a proliferation of amazing photos of any topic you can think of. And hey, you're probably setting up photo shoots and meeting with friends to create content...

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How to Remove Logos from Your Photos in Under Five Minutes

If you're looking to expand your reach with your photography (or simply to branch out), you'll need to sell your photos commercially. But what most novice photo sellers don't know is that logos and brand names are prohibited in commercial photos. Why? Well, they're technically owned by those brands and rights-holders themselves. This means that you can't sell them for commercial use by others without express permission from the copyright owner. And unfortunately, logos really are everywhere — they sneak into your images even if you try hard not to include them. We have two options here: Ask the brand permission to use their logo or name in your images (pretty difficult) or to simply edit out the logo using a...

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