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Turn your passion for photography into a career 3 steps

  After studying to be a lawyer for 4 years, Zeina Kassem (from Beirut Lebanon) never imagined that her job title would be 'photographer. But when an unlikely opportunity to work for an airlines in Dubai presented itself, she took the opportunity as a sign to change careers. She accepted the job and also decided to enroll in a photography class that lasted another 2 years.  For Zeina this was a quick and easy decision, either choose to follow a fulfilling path or remain in a career that caused her great unhappiness.  She chose to be happy.  Zeina who is from Lebanon has also been present to document the revolution in Beirut and captured photos of the devastation left behind from the Beirut Explosion.  Build...

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Photographing Wildlife - 8 Essential Tips to Remember!

  Meet Bhasmang Mehta! A wildlife photographer from Ahmedabad, India who has also created a successful business called 'Wildlife Soujourns' where he and his wife 'Zan' operate wildlife tours in India and South America. Bhasmang shares his wisdom on getting started as a wildlife photographer and the steps to building a business around this passion.  5 Tips to Capture Better Wildlife Photography 1. Wake Up Early:  Be geared up and ready to shoot by 6 am. You'll get warmer images, and the animals are most active during this time - allowing you to capture the most interactive photos.  2. Have a Good Driver: That knowledge has to be there in a driver such as the importance of where to stop, how to park...

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Conceptual Photography as a Means of Self Expression

Like most photographers, Richard Ashia from Accra Ghana experimented with various forms of photography. He started by first observing photographers from his community that he respected, and soon began experimenting with his I phone, where he eventually purchased a DSLR camera and got started in commercial photography from 2016-2018. However, in 2018 the desire to express himself came on strongly after his time spent being a commercial photographer. This is the moment he decided to enter into conceptual photography.  The transition from commercial photography to conceptual photography Conceptual photography is more artistic and more thoughtful than commercial photography, so the first place that Richard went to look for ideas was his childhood.  But something happened along the way that linked his...

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5 Tips to Build your Photography Brand with Marketing Expert Emery Barnes

  Emery Barnes is a Portland, Oregon based photographer that caught our eye with his Black Lives Matter protest photography that he captured during the peak of the BLM protests in June, 2020.  The black and white scale images were not only powerful to look at, but also had a unique spin put on them, as Emery tried to preserve the privacy of the protesters by placing a black strip over there eyes so that they were unidentifiable.  He shared that this idea was inspired by the artist Kendrick Lamar who released an album that used the same black bars to cover the eyes of the person on the album. In Emery's case however, he added those black bars for...

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