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Scopio Opportunities for Global and Talented Artists
  1. Download the Scopio app
  1. Add your bio, skills, location and status
  2. Add 5-20 images as downloadable or display only to show your best work
  3. Locate the "Submit" button associated with the opportunity.
  4. The Scopio team will review your application and consider your suitability for the opportunity.
  5. If your profile meets the requirements and stands out, the Scopio team will reach out to you via email or on Instagram

If you don't have mobile access, go to to upload images, and fill out your bio in app which has more features.



This is how you turn off downloadable if you want your portfolio to be private. Purple means you can download. 


Why should I put my portfolio here when I already have one?

Scopio is like other platforms like Behance, and Art Station but we get you job opportunities and connect you with global talented artists.

Can I delete my profile?

Yes, you can delete your profile in app and any images you like to anytime.

How can I upload my image?

You can upload images on desktop ( or our mobile app but our mobile app has WAY more features and you must use mobile to build your bio. We suggest that you go mobile completely. The desktop version is being updated currently. This is where you choose if you want your images to be available for download (purchasable on our marketplace where you can earn more money) or not downloadable. You can have a mix and switch these anytime.


What is the policy?

You keep the copyright of your images. You can sell your images through our marketplace to over 30,000 businesses which sell for a range of prices and is a fun way to see your art flourish. If you don't wish this or want to protect more private work you can keep thats as non downloadable through the information above.


What are the terms when getting hired for a project?

The terms for projects will be set before you start and both parties will agree.



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