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"The Year Time Stopped: The Global Pandemic in Photos" award winning book published by Harper Collins. Order here!

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Scopio stands for “Scope it Out.” We see ourselves as a fishing net for the world's talent and stories. We are working to change visual representation globally.  Starting by collecting images off of Twitter we wanted to save for history, Scopio has grown bursting with powerful stories and images. Our goal is to help you distribute your work in less than three minutes, and to earn you money. Everything we do is to break barriers for the world's most talented people to flourish. Add skills to your page to get hired, add stories to your images to get seen, and connect with other talented people. You are the sum of the 5 people you spend the most time with, and those 5 talented people you want to be like are on Scopio.

In the spirit of our genesis story, in 2020 alone we captured the world’s most breathtaking moments, from covering COVID, the BLM protests, the fires in Australia, the isolation, fear, happiness, growth and all the real emotion of the moment. These are now in an award winning book called The Year Time Stopped.

We are always pushing the boundaries and collaborating to make history and change perspectives.

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Speed is essential. The news, trends in media, new content - it all changes daily! Did you know that 1.8 billion photos are posted on social media every day? 

We use AI to help us sort through the most important images, tag, title and feature them - fast. So that they are delivered straight to our site where you can use it to tell your story!

Our company has played an essential role in changing the biases created over time by training AI to recognize and tag more diverse images.


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We’re a diverse, female-founder led team, and can be found around the world making an impact in our communities.


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 Featured in CNN, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Yahoo Finance, NBC news. 

Just Jared “changing stereotypes through imagery”

50 Cent “Scopio recognizes its role in spreading awareness”

Yahoo Finance “documenting movements”

CNN "A Treasure Trove"

Entrepreneur  "The Year that Captured Everything"

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THE YEAR TIME STOPPED has been selected as a Living Now Book of the Year! It has received a gold medal under the Mind category.

This is what the judges had to say:
COVID-19 has ravaged the lives and health of millions of people for over two years. The Year Time Stopped really struck our judges though for how it documented the psychological effect it has had, especially during lockdown. The visual documentation from all over the world resonated with them- the images of loneliness, community, getting back to nature, returning to “normal” but distanced. We continue to learn about the long term effects of the virus, but we are only starting to collectively look at the ways it has changed us mentally.

To see the full list of winners: