We’re Changing the World One Authentic Photo At a Time. Join Our Journey.

nour chamoun and christina hawatmeh, the scopio founders

We’re Changing the World One Authentic Photo At a Time. Join Our Journey.

At Scopio we make it our mission to bring you authentic images that tell stories from diverse communities around the world.

Our community includes:

Original Works

400,000 plus

Emerging Artists


Countries Represented



We are breaking down barriers and bringing access to the world of creativity.


Our Approach:

The most creative generation in history is producing more content than ever before, but harsh restrictions make it difficult for artists to submit their work and take originality out of the photos. So we removed the barriers and we let creatives do what they do best- Create! 

Scopio offers anyone, anywhere an opportunity to build their dreams, and give them access to the most talented global community of artists through the easiest way to license and sell your work, in less than 3 minutes. Plus each artist receives perks and access to our network for additional business opportunities.

Scopio stands for “Scope it Out.” Artists submit their images and stories daily that the world can use.

Just in 2020 alone we captured the world’s most breathtaking moments, from covering COVID, the BLM protests, the fires in Australia, the isolation, fear, happiness, growth and all the real emotion of the moment. These are the images the world is looking for - the changes are happening, and we are always current. These days women are CEO’s, start-ups are the new wave of work, and we are no longer working from the office, but from our sofa! We know because we are one of them.

We add new works and collections daily so if news breaks in a certain part of the world, we’ve got you covered. 


Our Method
Speed is essential. The news, trends in media, new content - it all changes daily! Did you know that 1.8 billion photos are posted on social media every day? 

We use AI to help us sort through the most important images, tag, title and feature them - fast. So that they are delivered straight to our site where you can use it to tell your story!

Our company has played an essential role in changing the biases created over time by training AI to recognize and tag more diverse images.

We place emphasis on recognizing and closing content gaps, looking for real images of women in tech? They aren’t so easy to find, are they? That is why we strategize to find these content gaps and close them. 

Apart from that, we also focus on creating quirky and unique content - so if you’re obsessed with spiraling staircases, or have a fascination with colorful content - we keep these images coming in daily.


Our Team
We’re a diverse, female-founder led team, and can be found floating around the world working remotely when it’s not COVID. 

Christina Hawatmeh, Our CEO and Founder runs by the motto of “Do & Don’t wait”. She can spot a trend before it's even started - a talent that keeps Scopio’s library and product FRESH!

christina hawatmeh scopio founder

Nour Chamoun, our Co-Founder is a creative who is unafraid of throwing herself into the photographer's shoes. She designs the experience on Scopio, an experience that is uniquely authentic. 

nour chamoun scopio co founder

We are innovators, creators, designers, photographers that believe in the power of changing the world through images. Whether you’re an ice cream shop owner in Korea or a designer at the world’s biggest media company, Scopio is the place to find your perfect image. 

Our Clients

20k Businesses   |    60 countries    |   45 Million Views

Scopio is supporting authentic content creation. Our community includes 

  • Teachers
  • Designers
  • Publishers
  • Doctors
  • Dog trainers
  • Architects
  • Youtube Creators
  • IT and Web Developers
  • Consultants
  • CEO’s
  • Content Creators
  • Hotel and Travel Media Sites


What subscribers are saying:

“Having a universe of photos from Scopio helps creators tell infinite stories” - Ryan Bell, NASA

“Scopio's content is so good I didn't need to search elsewhere, and pictures clear licensing avoid headaches!”Gregory, CMO

“I like Scopio because there are pictures of politics, real people, and detailed issues” -Leonardo, Video Editor

No matter your profession or title - you can find the images you need here.

We could talk forever, but we'd rather have you browse our images and let the stories speak for themselves. 

Have fun creating! 


 Featured in CNN, Forbes, Yahoo Finance, NBC news. 

Just Jared “changing stereotypes through imagery”

50 Cent “Scopio recognizes its role in spreading awareness”

Yahoo Finance “documenting movements”

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