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Welcome to Scopio!

Our mission is to create a truly representative library of images and people that celebrates the unique perspectives and stories of people from all walks of life. Bringing together talent and images and their powerful stories and perspectives has created the robust ecosystem you use today.

We started off using AI to find the most relevant social events on social media to show the world "breaking images" that got lost on social media. As our community developed, we built Scopio by inviting people from every corner of the globe to share their images and stories with us. As a result, we've built a library of high-quality, authentic visuals that reflect the real world in all its beauty and complexity. After growing this incredible library we got to know artists and photographers from all over the world and wanted to provide more opportunity in the disconnected marketplace there is today between opportunities and global talent.

We are in the most creative generation in history!

Our commitment to this generation has earned us numerous awards, and we're proud to have disrupted the traditional licensing model by removing the barriers that have traditionally prevented artists from sharing their work. At Scopio, we believe in giving artists the freedom to contribute the images they truly care about, and share those in under three minutes. For Buyers, we give access to passionate people to hire and bring them up the global stage.

But we're more than just a library of images with captivating stories. We're also a thriving community of skilled artists who call Scopio home, belong with other passionate people, and grow their careers.

Scopio talent have skills in Art Direction and Design, Digital Design, Creative Concepting, Production, Events/Physical Presence and you can view these as you browse their pages.

Our platform provides opportunities for artists to showcase their work, build their portfolios, and get hired for creative projects. By joining Scopio, artists can earn money from their image downloads and secure freelance work from clients who appreciate their unique skills and vision.

At Scopio, we're proud to be a double bottom line company, meaning that we're committed to making a positive impact on both society and the environment. Our platform was founded by a woman, and we're dedicated to creating a supportive and inclusive space where artists and businesses can thrive together.

We invite you to join our vibrant community of artists and businesses, and help us create a world that celebrates diversity, creativity, and positivity!

Some achievements:

"The Year Time Stopped: The Global Pandemic in Photos" award winning book published by Harper Collins Featured at the Grammy's and winner of "the mind award" Order here!

 Our community includes:

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Our Approach for Businesses:

Welcome to the magical world of Scopio, where creativity and imagination come to life! Our platform is a one-stop-shop for all your digital advertising needs, providing you with over 3 million images from 172 countries and access to over 25,000 skilled professionals who can create a wide range of content types to bring authentic voices to campaigns and brands with over 7,000 skills they have listed on Scopio we use when matching clients.

The talented artists on Scopio's platform can create a wide range of content types to bring authentic voices to campaigns and brands, including photography, illustrations, video, vectors, 3D illustrations, music visuals, storyboarding, Snapchat, TikTok, and Instagram filters, decks, sculptures, dioramas, murals, generative art collections, graphic design for branding and logo art, custom typography, directing, short films, editing, photo manipulation, and more.

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Our Method

The cornerstone of Scopio is giving access to people's thoughts and dreams and give access.

Reach out to schedule a call with our team, and we will give you options and concepts.

🗣️💬 You tell us what you're looking for

🎨🃏 We provide an artist sample deck

🤔💭 You choose the artist

💰🚚 We manage payment, logistics, delivery, and revisions


Our Team
We’re a diverse, female-founder led team, and can be found around the world making an impact in our communities.


Our Clients

Working with Fortune 500 companies to publishers, to NGO's to startups who are using Scopio's images and hiring artists for visual art projects

30k Businesses   |    172 countries    |   600 Million+ Searches




 Featured in CNN, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Yahoo Finance, NBC news. 

Just Jared “changing stereotypes through imagery”

50 Cent “Scopio recognizes its role in spreading awareness”

Yahoo Finance “documenting movements”

CNN "A Treasure Trove"

Entrepreneur  "The Year that Captured Everything"

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Featured in the Grammy's Gift Bags
has been selected as a Living Now Book of the Year! It has received a gold medal under the Mind category.

This is what the judges had to say:
COVID-19 has ravaged the lives and health of millions of people for over two years. The Year Time Stopped really struck our judges though for how it documented the psychological effect it has had, especially during lockdown. The visual documentation from all over the world resonated with them- the images of loneliness, community, getting back to nature, returning to “normal” but distanced. We continue to learn about the long term effects of the virus, but we are only starting to collectively look at the ways it has changed us mentally.

See more info: https://livingnowawards.com/158/2022-medalists