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We're excited to share with you the official audiovisual experience of "The Year Time Stopped". We have over 100+ new episodes from around the world coming soon on “The Authentic Photographer” podcast. We’ve teamed up with more than 100 rising photographers in over 100 cities to record their individual stories from 2020. Chapter titles include "Creativity Unleashed", "Love and Togetherness", "Signs of Change", "Distancing Together", "Raise Your Fist To..." and more from the book so many generations from now can walk in their shoes and experience what they've witnessed. This is a brave effort to curate and turn this historic book from 2020 into an audiovisual work of art that will live in history.

Part one of "The Year Time Stopped" tells the story of finding ourselves more alone than we have ever
been—and many of us feeling this for the first time in our lives. The images
show changes in our lifestyles, emotions, and habits, and the personal
transformations many of us experienced.

Part Two of "The Year Time Stopped" tells the story of our coming together, despite all the obstacles and
hardships. We come together out of necessity for survival, not out of the
luxury of choice. The images capture the authenticity of long-overdue
movements and protests, and the explosive energy that bubbled to the

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