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Why Scopio Affiliate Program?

Every business, regardless of size or stage, should have strong design assets. When your company has access to stock photos, it's easier for sales teams to create compelling presentations, business development teams to design great pitch decks, marketing teams to put together beautiful campaigns, build personal brands, and so much more. However, licensing fees can cost a pretty penny, which is particularly tough for new businesses. Scopio offers a unique solution.

Scopio's enormous library of stock photos is updated every day with new photos from all over the world. Every one of their photos is commercial-ready and completely royalty-free, meaning you pay just once to sign up and you can access the entire library. Filled with authentic images from photographers and creators from more than 160 countries, Scopio gives you a broad scope of photo options to choose from, making it suitable for virtually any vertical. With a Scopio license, you can use photos everywhere including emails, web pages, social media pages, decks, apps, ads, and more.

How to Make Money with Scopio Affiliate Program?

The affiliates get a commission for every sale that made through their Site. Now you might be thinking, how it works.      

  • You place our links (Banners, Content or Text) on your website.
  • A customer on your website clicks on one of the links.
  • The customer purchases the product and you earn a commission on the sale!


    • 20% commission for Subscriptions
    • 120 Days Cookie tracking period.
    • PPC bidding allowed
    • Various Banners and Text Links available for promotions.
    • Exclusive ShareAsale Merchant
    • A Monthly Newsletter with updates on promotion, creative, and sales opportunities.
    • Dedicated Affiliate Program Manager
    • ITP COMPLIANT Program
    • Auto Deposit enabled
    • $3 commission for coupon affiliates 
    • 4% conversion rate 

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It's simple and free to join our Shareasale affiliate program. If you already have a Shareasale account, then add merchant id 91463 or Scopio at find a merchant box. If you are new to Shareasale network, then click the below links to join our affiliate and start earning a healthy commission from Today!

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If you have any questions, suggestions or need any assistance then feel free to contact us on Skype at Affiliates Scopio or through our contact us page here.