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Top 5 Tips for Overcoming Depression through the creative process of photography

  As a young girl around the age of 9, Oprah Omeka would often walk through the Great Rift Valley in Kenya on her way back home from school, the area that is situated between her county and Nairobi was filled with zebras, lions and wilderness. However, when she entered high school (around the age of 13) she noticed that development had taken place in that beautiful area which soon clouded the river water, and created a dirty and unorganized environment. This development prompted her to want to make changes and not allow disorganization to destroy the beauty of the land she knew as a young child, which is why a few years later she took up studies in architecture.  Getting...

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Giveaway Time! Get Unlimited Diverse Images for Free

IT'S GIVEAWAY TIME! Tanya Gupta is a multimedia artist, augmented reality developer at IBM, and former Nasa engineer, who graduated from NYU and is also a Scopio subscriber! She uses her brilliant talents to create engaging photoshop designs, and has recently been using diverse images from Scopio to help emphasize her designs. We have teamed up with her to give away 3 one month accounts to Scopio, we are giving away the prize and she is hosting the giveaway. Here is what Tanya Gupta has to say about Scopio:  "I’m a real, long-time user of Scopio’s royalty-free images & genuinely love their selection. In fact, I love their service so much that I personally reached out to them to create this giveaway -- I wouldn’t partner with...

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Design your Home Interior with the Saved Boards Feature on your Dashboard

Design Your Home with Saved Boards Whether you need a change of feng shui or have finally decided to redesign your at-home workspace since it seems that 2020 has 'normalized' remote work then we have found a solution that allows you to seek out the interior design inspiration you need and save it all in one place.  Our newest feature, Saved Boards allows you to create boards containing your preferred images.  Or maybe you are not looking to completely re-design your office, but perhaps add a new photo. With access to our extended license, you have the power to use the photos in more ways than we can count.  If you are looking for good images to decorate your wall...

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