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Marie's Experience With Scopio

  Marie Dashkova, a photographer from Russia was looking for a place where she could show her artwork and build a diverse portfolio while earning money for her images, which is what brought her to submit her images to Scopio. In the past, she had tried submitting to traditional stock photo agencies, but there were so many restrictions that she wasn’t able to express her authentic self and style. Find out how she has been able to earn money as a successful and expressive photographer without giving into the restrictions. She also speaks about her experience as a Scopio photographer and using the new contributor portal that allows photographers to see their images, views, downloads, and even access amazing perks....

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Let's Go Over A Recap of Our 2020 Milestones

   2020 has been a wild ride for sure, but nevertheless, we have focused to make it an opportunity to help and grow our Scopio and community of artists and to advance humanity's visual understanding of the world. We have been able to do so much in this crazy year we’ve all had. So let us go over our biggest wins, roundups and future projects. Let's go over a recap of our 2020 milestones. Find the 2020 Podcast on Spotify: "The Authentic Photographer". This includes the full uncut recap of 2020. Listen now!  Or if you have a moment, watch the full video on YouTube!     This Is How Our Year Started  We started the year by making "Forbes...

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Our November's Top Viewed Portrait Photographer

The contributor portal has been a support to each photographer as they find new ways to build their portfolios and share their work. Through Scopio, numerous photographers have shined with their creative work.  Featured Photographer For the month of November, we want to congratulate Ivan Naunov for being our top viewed portrait photographer of the month with 9,937 views!! In addition to being a photographer, Ivan is an anesthesia and reanimation technician, as well as a writer. If you haven’t already joined, go get signed in and start viewing your image stats today. Check out Ivan's work at Leave a Comment

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