Let's Go Over A Recap of Our 2020 Milestones

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2020 has been a wild ride for sure, but nevertheless, we have focused to make it an opportunity to help and grow our Scopio and community of artists and to advance humanity's visual understanding of the world.

We have been able to do so much in this crazy year we’ve all had.

So let us go over our biggest wins, roundups and future projects.
Let's go over a recap of our 2020 milestones.

Find the 2020 Podcast on Spotify: "The Authentic Photographer". This includes the full uncut recap of 2020. Listen now!

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This Is How Our Year Started

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  •  We started the year by making "Forbes 30 Under 30"

  • We made stock photography more diverse affordable and authentic

  • We got chosen by Melissa Bell and Don Lemon.

  • We were able to help more people around the world and bring more opportunities and revenue for artists that otherwise go unnoticed.


Then Covid Hit


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As Covid hit, we wanted to see how we could help, and we realized that photos really made people happy.

    • We piloted with Google on licensing the image feature and google images backtracking all of our images online for anyone to purchase. This is a new feature on Google that basically shows who the owner of the image is and it gives you the right to license it, as the photographer of this image. This is great way for getting more spotlights on your name and your work.

    • We’ve got contracts with online and offline sites and publishers such as Zedge, Canva, and Facebook.

    • We’ve had some remarkable organizations using Scopio including NASA, GOOGLE, American Medical Association, VICE, Shopify, Cornell, Office Depot, Taste of Thailand, Shopify, Instagram, Aribnb, Operation Preserve Africa, Amplify Black Stories, NY Partners in Health, Texas Early Music Project, Hinsdale South High School, Boston University, Association of Health Care Journalists, Bulgarian Football Union, Ogden School District, Kaiser Permanente, Marriott, Animal Rescue Rhode Island, Afro American Newspapers, YMCA, TLC, Oxford University, All Forty Inc, Merriam Webster, Institute of Child Psychology

  • We raised $15,000 for Lebanon after the deadly blast that devastated the city to 2 important organizations for children and migrant workers. Atfoulna funds provided a one month supply of milk and diapers to 553 babies across the country without discrimination to religion or nationality. Egna Legna funds supported migrant workers in homeless shelters with essential food and medication.

  • We made a docuseries about it, documenting the architectural destruction in specific, which we thought is really important for people to see how beautiful that city is.

  • We partnered with our Black photographers on a BLM docuseries, and we got published in music videos, apps, museums, and books.  We distributed printed t-shirts, where the proceeds go to the artists.

  • We made deals and discounts especially for you, with Adobe Spark and Canva.


In addition to all that, we finally launched:

  1. our photographer portal last month. It’s a place where image contributors can share their work, get paid, see your statistics, earnings, find partnership opportunities, and many more perks.

  2. a podcast called “The Authentic Photographer”.

  3. a YouTube channel you can see here.

  4. a Slack Community. DM us @scopioimages to join!


    Now Let's Talk Numbers




    • We hit our highest submission rate at 15,000 images per day.

    • Our top 10 photographers alone got more than 8.5 million views on their images!

    • People searched 808,552 unique searched on Scopio, such as dog, animal, woman, kids learning, COVID…

    • Despite an economic slowdown, we grew from 8,600 subscribers in January to 20,000 subscribers in December 2020!

    • We went from 66,000 downloads in January to 273,000 downloads in December.

    • Grew a community of 13k photographers that submitted 320k images 


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    Now for some exciting news:


    • We are partnering with a museum to run our first gallery through drone and in person

    • We are publishing a 2020 book with a top 5 publisher that will document all of history for this year.


    This will include images from Covid, BLM, uprisings against governments, worldwide events, and even just the personal stories of people getting through this year together 

    This book will be distributed in major stores across the world.

    So we are very excited to have a place where artists can have their photos really used and valued and contributing.

    Our artists don’t just want to sell images, but they also want to contribute to making the world a better place.


    Last but not least, we want to thank our team of 18 for working very hard to leverage your content, stories, and bring you to life.

    We also would like to leave you with final words from our Founder, Christina Hawatmeh: 

    “The more effort you put in, the more you get out in life. Don’t feel defeated by the world, and focus on your art and craft.”



    Happy Holidays everyone,

    See you in the healthy, exciting year of 2021!


     For more of our 2020 recap, check it out on our youtube: Scopio Images



    Photo by  alessandro castiglioni  on  Scopio

    Photo by  Canada Ontario  on  Scopio

    Photo by  Andreas Steidlinger  on  Scopio

    Photo by  arjun Maharashtra  on  Scopio


    Written by Angela Zoghbi

    Content Creator 

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