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Let's Go Over A Recap of Our 2020 Milestones

   2020 has been a wild ride for sure, but nevertheless, we have focused to make it an opportunity to help and grow our Scopio and community of artists and to advance humanity's visual understanding of the world. We have been able to do so much in this crazy year we’ve all had. So let us go over our biggest wins, roundups and future projects. Let's go over a recap of our 2020 milestones. Find the 2020 Podcast on Spotify: "The Authentic Photographer". This includes the full uncut recap of 2020. Listen now!  Or if you have a moment, watch the full video on YouTube!     This Is How Our Year Started  We started the year by making "Forbes...

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Get Projects That You Care About

  At 11 years old he spent 5 hours recreating Dover fairy port with Legos after a family holiday to France. Hamish Duncan is a documentary photographer based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Visualization has been key in Hamish's life, which is why he took photography. The vision is what drives him to create the photo, but in the moment he focuses on the shot, and it's in those moments that he adjusts and gets the shot.  He was always interested in nature and always involved in making dens in the forest and he loved observing things.   Flow With It   Hamish does a lot of thinking about how the picture should look beforehand and how it looks afterwards. But he...

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Advice from a family and portrait photographer

Rebecca Rinaldi, a photographer from Italy founded her own photography business a few years ago when she was in the middle of a sort of 'work identity crisis'.  She had reached a point in her life when if she was asked by people what it is that she did, she found it hard to respond. So, after defining her passions, she realized that she wanted to delve deeper into photography. She wanted to be able to bring her love of the outdoors and combine that with portrait photography. She spoke with us about how she found her style and gave important advice as to how other photographers can find their brand and style as a portrait photographer. Discover Your Style...

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