Marie's Experience With Scopio

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Marie Dashkova, a photographer from Russia was looking for a place where she could show her artwork and build a diverse portfolio while earning money for her images, which is what brought her to submit her images to Scopio. In the past, she had tried submitting to traditional stock photo agencies, but there were so many restrictions that she wasn’t able to express her authentic self and style.

Find out how she has been able to earn money as a successful and expressive photographer without giving into the restrictions.

She also speaks about her experience as a Scopio photographer and using the new contributor portal that allows photographers to see their images, views, downloads, and even access amazing perks.

Learn more about Marie's experience with Scopio, and how you can get your images featured and get paid as a photographer too.


Marie's Journey in Scopio


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Marie works as a full time photographer, and she shoots different types of content, such as weddings, portraits, fashion photography, food photography…

She wondered where she can show all her work, and maybe make some money out of it. But then since some of these shoots were commercial, and some were her own ideas and art; she is very grateful for Scopio to build a various portfolio, where she can portray different types of content and sell them.

To her, it feels very pleasant that people are interested in her photos, and she says sometimes the artists need to gain feedback from the public, because it really helps to keep going.

On Scopio, she says that you can sense that through the numbers of views, and purchases, and downloads of each of your photos.

When she joined Scopio, Marie at first wanted to show her old content, from around 5 years ago, since each year her style differs. So she felt very surprised and proud that her shots are very popular, even though they are from almost half a decade ago.

“The most important thing is to keep going”


Her View On The Contributor Portal




“This is one of the most beautiful and comfortable interface on the site, because

  • it helps to structure and submit all the photoshoot,
  • you can bring one release for the whole photoshoot,
  •  you can track if it’s approved or not and if there are some things you need to fix,
  • and if the internet connection isn’t so well,you can easily upload it again, since you don’t need to submit all the images all over again.


Portal Perks


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On the portal, there are different types of discounts for Scopio members, on different kinds of programs, and different types of contests to participate in.

Marie usually goes through those perks and discounts every week, and she manages to participate in the special offers, where they lately even chose some of her pictures to be used and featured.

Marie’s favorite feature on the dashboard, is the new upload feature, because it is easier and better than the previous one.

To her, the most interesting thing is that you can see how earnings and saves differ.

“Scopio made me believe that I can sell some art portraits and that they can be interesting for the people.”



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Photos by  Marie Dashkova  on  Scopio



Written by Angela Zoghbi

Content Creator

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