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Seven Foolproof Tips for Product Photography

Using great photos of products and packaging is a brilliant way for brands to build up their identity, tell a story and reel in target audiences. But whether you’re a brand selling your wares or a dedicated fan who wants their product photography to be noticed, you don’t really need über-fancy equipment to capture the perfect shot. Brillopak‘s Claire Penny drops a few tips for product photography that’ll up the ante.

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4 Universal Travel Tips for an Extraordinary Local Experience

Travel has become more and more about immersing ourselves into the local culture of a given destination. Pico Iyer once said that “travel is the best way we have about rescuing the humanity of places.” In this seemingly connected era, those words ring loud in every new coffee shop we visit and with every attraction left to see on adventures that do become entirely our own.

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Social Media Content Creation: 4 Tips That’ll Step up Your Game

With the role of social media shifting faster than we ever thought possible, no marketer can be an expert 100 percent of the time. Learning and adapting — whether that’s to a changing audience, platform update or new functionality (hello, Facebook Live!) — are huge parts of the job, and any marketer is happy to...Continue Reading... The post Social Media Content Creation: 4 Tips That’ll Step up Your Game appeared first on Scopio.

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