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if women

Submit your Art and Story to our incredible new book "If Women"

“If Women” will be a book of artworks depicting a fantasy world run by women.The idea was triggered by how horrific Child Shootings in the US have been.

Look at the world today and all the horrible headlines. Stop. Press pause, and rewind. Can you, as an artist, create a work of art that paints a different light, based on "if women” were in charge?

For example, "If Every Country’s Leader in the World was a Woman," what would an artwork inspired by that headline look like? Perhaps like Dr. Zhivago and the room full of men arguing over pressing the nuclear button, except the leaders are women, and they’re having a luncheon with tea and crumpets. There are infinite opportunities, such as "If Women + Environmental Disaster," or "If Women + Homelessness," and "If Women + School Shootings in the United States."

These are just a few ideas, but we welcome any subject that starts with "If Women..." to get your point across about a world, economic, social, political or environmental issue you would like to paint in a different light. Provoke us to think of a different world or structure and inspire us to envision better things.

We are looking for contributions from all genders and all walks of life from around the world.
If your images are chosen we will pay you for the image. (more details to follow). You keep the copyright and the image is non-exclusive.

To submit your artwork and story, please use the #ifwomen hashtag in the Scopio app or on the website, and include your story behind the piece. The deadline for submissions is June 28th.

Our recent book published by Harper Collins, "The Year Time Stopped," won "The Mind Award" and was featured in the Grammy's gift bags. It was also the #1 new release on Amazon in three categories in photography. For more information please visit our book here.

We look forward to receiving your submissions and working with you on this historic project that will change perceptions.

1. Download the Scopio app, or submit with limited features at

📱 Android

🍎 iOS

2. Upload your image with the tag #ifwomen and your full story. The deadline for submissions is July 1st, so make sure to get your work in before then! For more information about our first book, "The Year Time Stopped," and to see the impact it had, check out our book on Amazon.

We're excited to see your contributions and hear your voices.

Q: Will I get paid for my image if it's selected for Scopio's #IfWomen campaign? A: Yes, if your image is chosen, Scopio will pay you for the image. However, the payment structure depends on whether the book will be published with Harper Collins or self-published with a pool of artists. Either way, you will receive a portion of the upfront payment. Additionally, the images will be non-exclusive, and you will retain the copyright.

Q: Will the hashtag be used in the book along with my story?

A: No, the hashtag will not be used in the book along with your story. The hashtag is only used to locate the image in the app/system. You can see an example of how a story appears in "The Year Time Stopped" here

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