11 ways creatives are using stock Images for designing and advertising

Wanting to do more with better stock photos? Here are 10 great ways creatives use Scopio for stock images. 

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Below is a list of exciting ways creatives and designers are using Scopio to make an impact in their storytelling.

1. Video Ads

Get people excited with images that can be used for video, and commercially.

2. Motivational/Inspirational Content

If you want to connect with people you need something fresh that they can visualize that matches their life or their aspirational self.

3. Pitch Decks 

You can't connect with your audience if your images are cheesy.

4. Social Media Stories

Need to post 3-5 times a day? Don't let searching for images stop you. Scopio makes it easy to use as many images as your heart beats.

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5. Mood Boards

Seen it all on Pinterest? Use Scopio to create your own mood boards and dream boards. Everyone from Photographers to Interior Designers use Scopio to dream and create.

6. Graphic Design, Web Development, UX, etc.

You know how to use images like pros, we're here to build a library to push your goals further.

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7. Building a Facebook Page

Not easy without curated content. Scopio lets you experiment by downloading images that match and are curated to your audiences fancy.

8. Non-Profit Impact

Non-profits are budget squeezed and also need images of REAL people. Scopio has you covered on authentic images.

9. Book Covers

With our extended license, you are able to use images in new ways without going through complex licensing. Scopio offers this to open access to creatives.

10. Diverse Advertising 

Designers are searching for budget-friendly, authentic solutions when sourcing images for their designs. They need something real—visuals that reflect the human element they put into every design—and want to see people in images that look like them, their friends, and their customers. That’s why it’s important to use diverse stock images that feel authentic and unique.

11. Running an Etsy Store with Printed Products like ScrapBooks and Mugs

We are all entrepreneurs deep down inside. Imagine a physical good, that you can touch and feel. How fabulous it is to get the images you need to power your success.

Learn more about our image subscription for amazing, diverse and affordable images at Scopio.

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