15 Creative Posters from the Women’s March

Women's March 2017

The Women’s March wasn’t just a push for diversity, unity and understanding. It was a way for progressives — alienated by the inauguration of President Donald Trump and the success of far-right movements around the world — to show they’re still moving forward through uncertainty and fear.

The Washington movement also sparked 673 “sister marches” in cities and countries around the world, from Chicago, Illinois to Jos, Nigeria and Moscow, Russia, and participants numbered in the millions.

To capture the Women’s March, Scopio, a team led by #WomenInTech, created a microsite with relevant hashtags and keywords related to the event. Brilliant results popped up on the page in real time over the weekend.

We’re proud to show some of the most poignant posters we saw at the Women’s March. Each photo was posted on Twitter or Instagram, showing the power social media sites to connect us all. Girl power!


1. The Women’s March was filled with prismatic color, but pink hues reigned supreme



Women's March 2017
Photo by griffinungar/Instagram


2. Black and white snapshots conveyed the same passion, too


Women's March 2017
Photo by sulafrique/Instagram

This photo by Instagrammer sulafrique was one of the ones we licensed straight from social media. It’s ready for nonprofits and social justice organizations to use.


3. This clever sign raises a solid question


Women's March 2017
Photo by shoottofill/Instagram

We also featured this snapshot by Instagrammer shoottofill as one of our photos of the day.


4. Oh


Women's March 2017
Photo by justgc /Instagram


5. Quotes were popular, including this one from civil rights activists and scholar Angela Davis


Women's March 2017
Photo by missbritt21/Instagram


6. Marchers demanded progress in place of regression


Women's March 2017
Photo by shelley_mae/Twitter


7. Protesters marched for many different reasons


Women's March 2017
Photo by WikiGrimoire/Twitter


8. …But showed solidarity


Women's March 2017
Photo by ogden3000/Instagram


9. Many marchers brought attention to environmental degradation and climate change


Women's March 2017
Photo by rchilt /Instagram


10. Many of the signs echoed slogans from the 2016 presidential election


Women's March 2017
Photo by domferris/Twitter


11. Londoners had something to say to the USA


Women's March 2017
Photo by aa.ron.porter/Instagram


12. A fundamental truth


Women's March 2017
Photo by madelineheising/Instagram


13. Some of the signs embodied themes of freedom, liberty and choice…


Women's March 2017
Photo by watershedphotographs/Instagram


14. …While others were more direct


Women's March 2017
Photo by rudyespi/Instagram


15. Thank you, marchers and supporters at home, for letting your voices be heard


Women's March 2017
Photo by alastairarthur/Instagram

Scopio is the industry’s premier search and licensing platform for images and videos on social media. We help companies find and use the photos and videos that matter to their audience, from capturing content to evaluating the analytics on campaigns. Wondering how you can leverage UGC to help you tout your brand? Request a demo with the button below or email info@scop.io.Featured photo by cc_chapman/Twitter.

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