4 Tips from Gary Vee that Photographers and Creatives have been waiting to hear

Who is Gary Vee @Garyvee and how can you help you be a better photographer?

We love Gary Vaynerchuk for his straight forward approach to getting up, doing, and making money and a legacy for yourself. He's a self-made entrepreneur, internet personality, and works to bring motivation out of everyone, anyone, anywhere. He wants to help give what you as a person need, by using your skills and taking advantage of all the ease of use of new tools available online to make you successful, and self-made.
How do you get money to do what you love? 

You work after hours. You start building your life after work. Gary says,  "Stop watching TV, and get to work." He wasn't the first to say this, TV has long to have been said the "Opiate for the masses." Mainly he is saying, your time is valuable don't leave it idle. 

  • How To Stop Being A People Pleaser Right Now 
  • Artists are afraid to release their art at first because of strangers judgements. We all went through high school, and went through life trying to impress others, and social media is no different. Do not be scared by others. Put your art out. Try many things. Some will fail, but your ability to deal with judgement is your strength. Your responsibility is to tell your story, become a better storyteller. More here.

  • Be a Fire-Fighter
  • Photographers are the original entrepreneurs. They eat what they kill. Gary Vaynerchuk is a venture capitalist, 5-time New York Times bestselling author, and an early investor in companies such as Twitter, Tumblr, Venmo and Uber. At 6-7 years old he was selling juice, lemonade and candy practicing selling. As a photographer you can learn to sell your art, pitch your aunts and uncles, friends and strangers why they need a photo shoot. 

  • Recognize Trends and it is time to put it out
  • Everyone lives with reason for no, "I can't." 

    Gary talks about a lot of the new and emerging marketings trends. The internet has eliminated the middle. He believes people often fall into the trap of not doing because there are no results for a new trend or it's "too late" because they think its too late or they try for a few months and fail and give up. Gary spent years on Twitter before his twitter kicked off. Keep posting, and getting better at your storytelling and you will succeed. Artistic skills are emerging at scale and as artists you can take advantage of this, and leave other things that you won't be good at for someone you can hire.

    • Success and Happiness

    Don't talk about things, just do them, and talk about it after. Don't talk about that shoot you want to do, or the concept you had, just do it and then tell everyone about it. Share it in channels like Instagram, Youtube, and Tiktok. He calls this "post-game." Perfection is the enemy of progress. Even if its not perfect, just try it and put it out and talk about why it wasn't perfect. Doing the work will bring you success and happiness. No one in the history of time hasn't been successful without hard work. You have to focus in on one thing in order to be good at something. If you are happy with your current state, than that is the best, and you don't need to change anything. If you are feeling like you are missing something work on your craft. 


    To wrap things up …

    If you are seeking inspiration as a photographer, look no further than Gary Vee. For content creators, and artists his motivation especially applies to those with the talent. Get it out there. Drop TV, start working on projects, fail, and keep going.

    Some videos on photography from Gary Vee, How to Market a Photography Business, the #1 place I would build an audience on if I was a photographer, which is made in 2014, you can see this oldie here.


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