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A detailed look into travel photographer GaminTraveler's camera gear

Our Shooting Style

50 mm lense

We are Ruben and Rachel from Gamintraveler and we are so happy to be part of the Scopio community. We have been traveling as a couple for 5 years around Southeast Asia mainly in the Philippines and Europe. Since we create content primarily for travel on Instagram, visuals are a top priority for us. We usually take pictures as a couple, landscape, and featuring products and properties. 

We use the following gear to shoot our travel photos:

Our regular camera is Nikon D750

Primary Lens: 24-120mm (we use this in general for wide shot and landscape photos, as this gives you a lot of width). It's our regular lense when we are exploring the city or we are shooting around a property.

Primary Camera

Secondary Lens: 50mm (for portraits, and for closeups, and any photos that need more light like hotel and restaurant interiors). We use this lens when featuring products, food and even for portraits.

50 mm lense

Shot with the 50 mm lense

50 mm lense


We fly the Mavic Air for Drone Photography and Videography

The good thing about the Mavic Pro is that it takes little space in our luggage, shots in raw and the batteries can last 15-20 minutes. The bad thing about drones it's that you have to be careful flying when it is windy and always watching out the battery isn't running out.


Mavic Air Drone
Mavic Air Drone

Mavic Air Pro drone


We shoot videos with the DJI Osmo. This is perfect to make good quality videos without bringing a huge camera while visiting a city. Good stability and so easy to bring in your luggage. You have to be careful since it's not waterproof.

Drone photography


For water photography and videography, we use the GoPro Hero 6 and we also use the Dome where you can take half a picture underwater and half outside the water. We mostly use it for island hopping and snorkeling.

GoPro Hero 6

GoPro Hero 6

When we travel, we always keep in mind that we need to create a few types of content: Our personal social media, any hotel partners or clients, and personal use. 

Personally, we love street photography and anything that is not styled. With these, we capture what’s really around us and what’s really happening in the places we travel to. We use these photos for keeping, and for adding in our blog -


Streetstyle photography 

For social media, we usually create styled couple photos in the destinations and hotels we want to feature. This is when we usually fly the drone or use timed photography with a tripod, so we can capture photos that include us.

Couple sitting near the Eiffel tower in Paris 

Then we usually create content to share for our clients and collaborations, so we create some hotel interior photos or location photos.

 Styled Couple Photo in Hotel

We usually take a lot of photos, way more than we ever share in social media. Creating a lot of photos, helps us to have a big library to choose from, to help us in different purposes. We have been self-trained, so we learned to take and edit our photos and videos along the way.

And finally, for post-processing, we use Lightroom and Final Cut Pro.



Ruben and Rachel aka: GaminTraveler, are two of our talented photographers that have made a brilliant life as full-time travel bloggers. They share more about their favorite travel photos, and about their experience with Scopio on their blog.

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