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Using nature to amplify your voice is one piece of advice that Jay Carson, a photographer from South Africa would give to the world. 

Jay works as a global brand specialist, creative director, visual artist, and works with brands in the fashion, car, food industries. But he has always turned to nature to find the consistency and inspiration that he needs. 

Because of his balanced approach, he has been able to work as a global brander with large name brands and companies. 

How Can Nature Improve Your Photography Skills? 


"...nature is consistent you know? I do everything in a good spirit since i'm a free thinker, I look for a clear vision into everything that's my secret when it comes to like achieving my goals like even when i was young i was just like you know passionate about what i'm gonna become and for me to be whatever i am i had to be one with the earth and believe in my clear vision and they had to be existent through nature"

See the full length interview with Jay Carson and CEO of Scopio, Christina Hawatmeh to learn more about becoming a global brand specialist and using photography to enhance your reach across the world. 


Article written by Dana Balsley

Marketing and Community Manager at Scopio

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