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Growing your social media as a photographer is more simple than one might think. Travel and nomad lifestyle photographer Amelia LeBrun from the United Kingdom shares the fundamentals of branding yourself and growing your social media profile and followers as a photographer.

Follow these key steps for building your brand as a photographer on social media



"...we need to do to start with is create a really good media kit just explains what you do who you are where you're based maybe a few past projects and then you want to put some stats at the end social media websites once you've got that it's like a really good base for approaching people so you want to prove to them that you're reliable."

3 key things to remember to create a powerful social media kit:

Start simple

- Explain who you are and what you do. It is easy to underestimate the power of an introduction!

Reproduce Content

- Reproduce the content that you already have. Just because a project is done, doesn't mean it should be left and forgotten. Any content you create can be used to your advantage if you learn how to reproduce it.

Share your work

- No one will ever know who you are and what you do if you are not willing to share it. It might be nerve wracking, but posting consistently is key to growth. Ask anyone who uses Instagram and has more than 10 thousand organic followers this question and they will say the only way they found success was by posting consistently.


Following these 3 practices will show the world you are reliable, you show up and create new content. This will help them to trust your brand and you will grow as an leader in your industry and niche.


Article written by Dana Balsley

Marketing and Community Manager at Scopio

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