Best Editing Apps for Smartphone Photography

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Smartphone Photography Editing Apps

Every professional photographer uses some kind of editing software or another to polish and improve photos. Likewise, if you are into smartphone photography, you definitely need an editing app to help you improve your photos. It is true that there are limits to what you can do with these apps when compared to editing computer software. However, there is so much you can achieve with them – from adding filters to tuning image settings, to colour corrections. There is really a lot of good ways to put them to use.

You might, however, wonder – what are the best editing apps for editing photos on your mobile phone? Well, whether you use an Android or an IOS device, there are still a number of editing apps for you to choose from. Here are some of the best editing apps available right now.

  • Snapseed
  • Snapseed is an efficient photo editing app developed by Google. It definitely is one of the best editing apps out there. When it comes to editing photos on smartphones, Snapseed has it all. Snapseed gives you access to an array of editing tools that allows you to tweak photos in so many ways. Some of its unique editing features include; brush, healing, structure, perspective and HDR – many of which are not present in other apps.

    Apart from the fact that Snapseed allows you to be very flexible with your photos, it is free. Yes! it is very free and available on both IOS and Android devices. However, snapseed does have a few cons. One is that its interface seems a little weird for beginners; so, it might take a little bit of getting used to before you can start to make good use of its amazing tools. 

  • Adobe Lightroom
  • Adobe Lightroom is a powerful photo editing and camera app that is designed to help smartphone photographers capture and edit pictures all within one app while helping them become better over time. Adobe Lightroom makes photo editing quite simple by providing easy-to-use tools. Like most editing apps, Adobe Lightroom also gives access to several filters and slides that allow photographers to edit their shots easily. 

    One special feature of this app is its incredible ability to tweak around with colours by adjusting the hue and intensity. And guess what? It is absolutely free and yes! available on both IOS and Android devices. However, it is a really complicated app for beginners and can actually be frustrating to use; but with time, it becomes easier to use.

  • VSCO
  • VSCO is another amazing photo editing app that is used by many smartphone photographers. VSCO can not only be used for editing pictures, but it can also be used for editing videos. VSCO provides a number of mobile presets and tools that definitely helps produce beautiful and more attractive photos. One fresh thing about VSCO is the fact that it actually has its own community that allows photographers and creators around the world to share original contents.

    Like the other apps above, VSCO is free for download and is also available on both Android and IOS. One downside to VSCO however, is the fact that all its tools are not free. There are some advanced tools and effects that are closed unless they are purchased right there in the app. VSCO is great but requiring users to make in-app purchases for advanced tools, just makes it less cool. 

  • Photoshop Express
  • Photoshop express is another amazing photo editing tool by Adobe. it is designed to be a one-touch transformation app. When compared to the Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop Express does give much flexibility when editing. However, Photoshop Express provides you with a wide range of effects and filters that you probably won’t find in most editing apps. These special effects are the one thing that makes this app quite unique.

    This app is also available on Android and IOS and is totally free; however, this free version restricts customization. But one thing you should note is that there is still a lot you can achieve with the free version. More so, it is absolutely easy to use.

  • Aviary
  • Aviary is one of those few photo editing apps that have a very user-friendly interface – one that makes it easy for any beginner to edit photos easily. Aviary possesses amazing editing tools that allow users to accomplish some manual adjustments like colour correction, saturation, temperature and many more. Aviary even contains decorative stickers and gives the opportunity of easily adding text to photos.

     This app is also available on both Android and IOS and is totally free with no required payment whatsoever. Aviary is that simple photo editing app that makes editing photos feel like a piece of cake.


    While these apps have some similarities, they do have unique features that make them stand out. You do not exactly have to choose one; you can try them all and see which works better for your kind of photography. Or better still, get used to all of them and know which particular one will be great for different situations you find yourself.

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