Black Female Photographer Kris Saint Laurent and shooting a unique beach shot

Kris Saint Laurent

is a Scopio photographer who executed a brilliant beach shoot amongst rocks at Fort Wetherill, which is a former coast artillery fort that occupies the southern portion of the eastern tip of Conanicut Island in Jamestown, Rhode Island.

It was an old abandoned jail. What a better location for a female empowered shoot. Jokes. Kris and her friend Schae Lewis, who is a stylist managed to execute a unique look with multiple models, and friends. The trick is that Kris' friends included a clothing and hair stylist in Rhode Island.

black woman walking on a beach in a yellow swimsuit

This model is a Software Engineer, no beach bum...

Here are some tips from Kris

1. Scout a unique location

Kris was looking for the perfect location to execute a fun shoot on her free time, and found this beach with a kind of eery feeling, and the rocks are what drew her here. She went beforehand to find the location so she knew how to then plan and work with her friend to stye the shoot.

2. Get Style

First thing that most eyes go to is the style and synchronization of the looks. How can you achieve this? Go to a vintage or thrift shop for some unique props. If you don't have funds for that, use your local products and goods to accentuate your idea. Have a friend who is a hair stylist? Kris did, and that is why the hair is so on point. In the area and need some help? For styling, check out @kaiimarley__ For hair, reach out to @_.stylesbys

young black women on a beach in yellow bikinis in a pose

3. Use the personality of your subjects

The theme for this shoot was beautiful treasures washed to the shore. You can see these models are strong and beautiful. Kris has been actively photographing for four years, and is always looking for interesting subjects to include in unique ways. She says women are usually more comfortable in front of the camera. This shoot definitely shows comfort and presence. 

black woman lying on rocks

3. Post-shoot

Kris doesn't like the idea of standardized beauty, she says "our imperfections is what makes us beautiful." She uses Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. She watches videos through Lightroom and Youtube to improve her game, and photoshop lightly because she wants to keep that natural look which she believes helps capture the essence of beauty in a more complete way. 


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