10 Resources and Tips To Getting Your Photos Published in a Book

Calling All Photographers Wanting to get Published in a Book! 

Inspired by our upcoming book with HarperCollins, we are hosting a series of networking sessions open to the talented Scopio community. We just wrapped up our first one specializing in Publishing, where our attendees got a chance to meet some highly accomplished professionals in the industry, sharing their top tips and tricks. 

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Some of the insights that we got from our discussion were too good not to share, so we've created a quick guide featuring the amazing advice of our attendees. Showing you that if you are a photographer who dreams of getting published, it’s more achievable than it seems, breaking some tips down for you into some easy steps and resources!  

1. Build an audience, and be intentional about it

(Psst... This image is part of our selection of images to be featured in our HarperCollins book)

Before you sell your books, identify niches in your audience and target them.

2. Have a strong story

Be able to have a clear line and intention of answer the question: Who are you writing this book for? Who are you looking to be benefiting from this book.

3. Seek out the specific organizations and officials

Who represents your audience? Reach out to them about forming a partnership. Is your book about or for teachers? Reach out to a school!

4. Have or attend virtual events (real life events when it is safe to do so too)

Big or small as the event is, it’s a great way to make people aware of your book, when it comes out, it’ll be right on top of their ‘to read’ list. 

5. Stay connected to your audience and maintain that connection

Establish a direct line of connection with them where you can speak your message to them and have them involved in the latest news. 

6. Have your own ground for the book & don’t rely solely on social media

It might not be wise to use a third party (like Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, etc) because that is temporary. You need to get your audience somewhere where somebody else doesn’t own it and don’t base your strategy on it. 

7. Maintain cross promotion

Go anywhere you know your audience would be listening and promote the book there, whether it is paid advertisements on websites, a feature on a related podcast, or through social media directing them to your own page. 

8. Utilize Street Teams

A publisher’s well known trick is to establish a core group of readers who will help you promote because they believe in what you are doing. Collect the members of that group through the promotion you are doing, send them updates and the book first, and have them go out and help you promote to their fellow readers.

9. Adapt your book into Audio and look to alternatives!

Audio format for books now makes up a big part of publishing. Here are some great resources recommended by our guests: 
  • Chirp navigates the library and is a listening platform for readers, their distribution list is expansive: https://www.chirpbooks.com/
  • Learn more about distribution: http://distribution.audiobooksunleashed.com
  • Join a collective: Facebook Group: Audiobooks Wide

10. Look to adapt your book to the big screen, it's easier than it may seem!

A great resource is Stage 32: https://www.stage32.com/welcome/ 

That’s all for now! Stay tuned for more tips and tricks as our events continue, and sign up to stay informed on future events. 

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