CoronaVirus Disease Affects Photographers Ideas for Income

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 Coronavirus (COVID-19) fears increase

freelance photographers around the world have begun to deal with cancellations and social distancing policies. Freelancers are used to some slowdowns and occasional cancellations, but the uncertainty around the length of time of this outbreak, and the cancelations ahead has caused tremendous  anxiety, frustration, and fear. 

There are conversations of photographers on Twitter  and Facebook groups about how to deal with this, with many even screenshoting angry mother in laws responses to them worrying about the health and safety of going through with events in the coming months.

For those who do high-volume photography (youth sports, events, etc.) plan for later in the year, and work on your other assets and investments. Some photographers have reported more than 12 wedding cancellations. 

Cancellation policies

Are commonplace for photographer contracts, As a small business you can decide on enforcing this or applying a future credit. Long-term relationships are important to maintain as clients can be panicking, you can remain calm and provide solutions. For any freelancer, transparency is important, and clients appreciate that you are transparent (and acommodating) about your cancellation policies.

Finding other skills Like Graphic Making

Some photographers that are looking for other ways to make income.have started to create graphics, and post their services on Upwork. 

Lowering costs

Here is a tip to get 2 months free if you have Adobe CC, since I know a lot of people will be struggling with cash right now.

1. Log in at
2. Under 'My Plans' click 'Manage Plan'
3. Click cancel, click through to 'offers'
4. You should be offered 2 months free

Contact your customers

Set up a website or call your current customers, keep relationships stronger. Also, think if sending a weekly email out with some of the awesome content you have shot this year. Time to showcase your work. You can even put it up on a website and update your website so that you can kick business in full swing after this is over.

ASMP a professional photographer organization is hosting a webinar on Thursday, March 12 at 4pm ET entitled “Potential Business Ramifications of Coronavirus (COVID-19)” hosted by ASMP General Counsel Tom Maddrey. Click for details.

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