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Olga Larionova is 27 years old fashion photographer from Ukraine. She lives in a small town in Ukraine, where they know little about fashion and style, so she is trying to promote her work abroad as much as possible.

She participates in competitions for photographers and foreign exhibitions. Olga has been doing photography for 3 years and currently freelancing.

 “Love for photography came to me a long time ago, I was a photo model, I knew a lot of poses, and now it helps me in working with models. Before that, after the institute, I worked in a kindergarten as a teacher. I have always been a creative person, I graduated from art school, I love to sew and create something with my own hands. I sewed many dresses for my own shootings. it helps me make my shots more creative. "

How Olga Found Her Niche

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Olga has been in photography for only about 3 years.

She started taking photos of children, but it turned out to be very difficult and she really didn’t like it. The same thing happened with wedding photography, couples photography, and family photography.

Then she started taking photos of girls, in unique poses, and bright clothes, and that started to bring her pleasure.

In those years, Olga experimented a lot, yet she is still looking for herself, and her style, as she keeps trying and learning.

Olga always likes her ideas; they come to her like a flash. When she looks at the models, or some kind of location, or clothes, she immediately gets ideas in her head.

Photography Doesn't Have Any Rules

Olga thinks that photography doesn’t have any rules. Her only advice is to improve yourself as a photographer and work; just take your camera and try to take pictures, and try to find yourself and what you like.

When she has an idea, Olga has to find a good model, not taking her location as an issue; she would drive to her and shoot in locations close to where her model is.

 Olga likes to find the clothes from flea markets, because there she finds very interesting and unusual things.

Wondering where Olga got her fashion eye from? 

Before being a photographer, she was studying to be a designer. She always thought she had taste in fashion, and she liked creating and sewing. So this really helped her now in her work as a photographer, because she could be a stylist in parallel. 

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