How to Make Money as a Scopio Affiliate

How to Make Money as a Scopio Affiliate

Post by Alex Tucker, a Scopio Affiliate

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The Scopio Affiliate program is a great way for members to make some extra money while helping new customers find the stock photography service. If you’ve ever interacted with the Scopio staff, you know that they’re a kind bunch who genuinely want to help their clients succeed. That makes it easy to give the service an honest and positive referral.


But what is affiliate marketing, and will it work for you? Generally speaking, affiliate marketing can be an ideal way to create additional, even partially passive income. It all depends on how you go about it. 

Scopio Affiliate Program Explained

The Scopio Affiliate Program operates like most affiliate programs these days. When you sign up through Shareasale, you’ll receive a special link. Anytime someone clicks on your link and then buys a membership, you’ll receive a commission in your Shareasale account. Whenever you pass the payment threshold, Shareasale will send you a payment!


Shareasale is a fantastic option for running an affiliate program because they handle a lot of the heavy lifting on Scopio’s behalf. They also feature an industry-leading 120-day cookie. That means someone could click on your affiliate link today, make a purchase three months later, and you could still get the commission for it. Scopio pays out 20% commission on all affiliate sales, which is pretty solid for such a well priced stock photo service.

How Do Affiliates Make Money


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There are many ways in which you can market Scopio and make money from anyone who decides to become a member. One simple way to get started is just to tell your friends and family. Even in this digital age, word of mouth is powerful. If you talk often about the great stock photography service you use, people might ask you for your link to!


In addition to telling people you know about it, you can share your Scopio referral link on social media.


Important note: Anytime you provoke someone to click on your affiliate link, you should make an effort to ensure they know it’s an affiliate link, and that you stand to gain something from their purchase. An easy way to do this on social media is to just mention that the link is an ad, or an affiliate link, in your post. 

How to Earn Money From Email

If you do a lot of emailing, there are a few ways you can use the habit to make some affiliate sales. Of course, you can simply shoot your contacts an email about the benefits of Scopio and your experience with the service. But you can take it one step further if you want.


Most email services such as Gmail/Gsuite come equipped with the ability to craft a signature. That’s a great place to embed your affiliate link! You could put a block of text in your signature that looks like this:


“Need authentic stock photography? Check out, my favorite service!” 


With a simple, single line of text added to the software you use every day, you can turn each email you send into a potential income-generating advertisement.

How to Attract Attention to Your Affiliate Link

While the methods mentioned above are okay, they may have a low conversion rate because it’s possible that no one you know is interested in Scopio. That’s okay! My personal favorite way of making money with affiliate marketing is to target people who are already interested in buying the product?


How do I do that? The easiest way is by writing a review. My Scopio review on my blog ranked on page 1 of Google and gets a small amount of traffic from search. I also made a video review of Scopio, which people regularly find through Google or YouTube when they search terms such as “Scopio review”.


People who run those types of searches are people who are 1) already aware of Scopio and 2) probably thinking about buying the service and seeking someone else’s opinion on it. By providing a thorough and honest review, you bring them one step closer to the end of the buyer’s journey.


You could also write a blog post or make a video about the “Best Stock Photography Services” and include your Scopio affiliate link

What if I Don’t Know How to Blog or Make Videos?

There is some technical knowledge that goes with running a self-hosted blog, but making videos on YouTube is something anyone can do quite easily. You don’t even need to have a camera or show your face. Instead you can make a simple animated video, record your screen, or even just show text scrolling across the screen that corresponds with what you’re saying. 


Here’s my video review. Even though I never show my face and I don't have any fancy recording equipment, I was able to make a short video that will help people considering Scopio make their final decision.

Check it out on Youtube here:

 scopio review on youtube

 Scopio Review📷 Review❗


That’s really what affiliate marketing is, at its core. Some marketers will try to sell things people have no interest in or need for, but most are genuine enough to only push products they believe in towards folks who actually need them. is a great stock photography service, so it shouldn’t be hard to find a few people interested in joining its membership. Which of the methods mentioned above will you use to generate your first Scopio commission?


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