JP Walton: Cayman Islands Top Photographer Gives Tips for Photographers

I run the only photo production services business in the Cayman Islands

My work directs exclusively at international clients who want to use Caribbean imagery in their advertising campaigns. I am JP Walton.

woman leaning on boat
The company is called Luxus Creative, and has unique access to locations, props and talent to create stunning images for just about any brief. I not only arrange the shoot and put together all its components, I can also do the shoot and edit the images. Some examples of my images from recent client shoots are attached.
Here is a summary of my process.
  • Fist I enjoy working with clients on their mood boards and creating a shot list that matches their imagination with striking images.
  • I go to scout the optimal locations and deal with local property owners, liaise with the owners of exotic cars/boats/airplanes (depending on what is required for the shoot)
  • Lastly, I tap into my network of local models, makeup artists and stylists to ensure that the client’s product will be shown off to best advantage by the talent.
In terms of equipment, I shoot with the Sony a7Riii using their GM lens series. Although we are blessed with fantastic natural light in the Cayman Islands (most of the time) I tend to supplement that with mono-lights and LEDs (by Rotolight) to give me more control over the final image I create.
This was a complex 3 light studio set-up in which I wanted the light to illuminate only the subject’s incredible grey dreadlocks and his dramatic jewelry.  Shop JP's photos on Scopio here.
The client wanted close-up shots which showed off certain design elements of the swimwear, as well as creating an overall image which took attention away from the model and focused on the swimwear itself.
This location had a beautiful Balinese style building which added to the sense of exoticism I wanted to create in this image.
To create this retro-chic look I got a vintage Ford Mustang and drove it to a local fish fry place, where the customers had never seen a model like this!
This was shot on the deck of a catamaran sailing boat, which created issues of balance for the model! But the wind was very helpful in helping to create cool shapes out of the wrap dress designed by my client.
These sunglasses looked so over the top, almost futuristic, that I wanted to contrast them with a natural colorful environment. I also had to be careful with whatever was caught in the reflection on those glasses!
This client made leather sandals, so we came up with a Coachella vibe for the shoot. Instead of the usual sandy beach, I used a place with large boulders to create a neutral background for my subject.
This architect client wanted images for his website gallery. I loved this immense front door which leads into an open space and came up with this image which entices the viewer into entering.
It’s always a challenge doing beach shoots for bikini designers, because the sunlight is so powerful that it creates harsh shadows and bleaches color out of the shot. I used scrims for shade on the model’s face but allowed patches of light to create strategic highlights on parts of her body, so that the image conveys that true sense of heat without feeling overpowered by the sun.
Shop JP's photos on Scopio here.

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