Marketing Influencers Need UGC for 2017 Campaigns

Marketing influencers turn to Scopio for effective campaigns

Scopio is an image search engine and licensing platform that helps marketing influencers find trending photos and videos on social media. Scopio seeks out social media photographers who want to profit from their funny, unusual or unique photos and videos.

Scopio’s platform makes it easy for everyday photographers to upload photos and videos right from their smartphones. They can show their creativity to marketing influencers looking to license these photos for 2017 campaigns.

The platform will be demonstrated at the biggest marketing industry conferences of the year, giving photographers even more opportunity to profit from images that are waiting in their smartphones.


The Proof Is out There

It’s not just general audiences that prefer UGC over stock photos. Studies show that user-generated content (UGC) is 35% more memorable than other types of media. Marketing influencers, journalists and bloggers realize this. Ditching stock photos for amateur photography shows that they’re relatable.

Scopio already has over 40 million UGC photos and videos in our curated library, and is looking to expand further with fresh content to present to marketers designing their 2017 advertising, social media and marketing campaigns. Scopio’s conference schedule includes the Thomson Reuters Roadshow, NYC Media Lab, Murmuration, Maritz Innovation by Design, Digital Media Licensing Association, Transition Conference and Visual Connections.


Benefiting Both Sides

To get started, photographers can visit and upload unlimited images and short video clips. Contributors also have the option to simply paste the direct URL link to their content in the portal.

Once they add their contact information and tags, photographers can also earn cash from marketers who want to license that content. Scopio has found that funny, unusual and unique content is trending and has the potential to be the most profitable. Marketing influencers are also looking for authentic images related to the workplace and entrepreneurship. Content contributors have the potential to make anywhere from $2 – $100 per photo or video.


Looking Forward

As photographers are snapping, Scopio is also growing.

“Scopio is always on the move. Over the next few months we are attending a variety of tradeshows where we will be providing product demos and signing contracts to media buyers,” says Christina Hawatemeh, founder and CEO of Scopio. “It’s an exciting time for photographers, as stock images fade out, the opportunity to profit from user-generated images grows. That’s where Scopio comes in. We help connect social media photographers and marketers, and facilitate a fair and legal transaction that benefits both parties.”

“We need Instagram images. Without them we have to contact friends with babies to set up photo and video shoots. It is costly and time-consuming, and frankly, not ‘real-life’,” says Dr. Agnes Scoville, founder of Pacidose, an infant and baby medicine dispenser, and Scopio client. “UGC is priceless. User-generated images show parents how easy Pacidose is. Also as a doctor, I feel ethically driven to not solicit parents to send in pictures of their kids using Pacidose, because I don’t want to imply that it’s OK to give medicine to your child just for the sake of a paid photo opportunity. But if parents are already using it, I welcome that documentation. There is no other product like Pacidose on the market, so it’s very important to show everyday Moms, Dads and caregivers using it.” Because of these user-generated images, Pacidose can show real moments.

To schedule a meeting and demo with the Scopio team at an upcoming conference, please email [email protected] 

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