Our Favorite 2020 Quotes by Our Photographers


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2021 is around the corner!

So how about we take a trip down Scopio lane, and look back at some of our favorite quotes said by our photographers.

Here are some of our favorite 2020 quotes by our photographers:


“If you follow your passion, if you are doing what you love, this is great to begin building it up successfully. This is how your voice, your inner voice, and your values, rise; only when you really love it” – Anastasia Casey

"Reminding yourself the reason you started allows you to keep fighting at the hardest moments, and if you have that purpose, you also learn to be better at your craft as you continue your purpose” – Adam Schluter

“It’s not a matter of if you’ll make it; it’s just when you’ll make it, as long as you don’t give up” -  Adam Schluter

“Photography actually helps to improve your self-love and self-esteem.” - Luisa Carvajal

“The way I took photographs, helped people overcome certain issues they had” – Luisa Carvajal


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"...nature is consistent you know? I do everything in a good spirit since i'm a free thinker, I look for a clear vision into everything that's my secret when it comes to like achieving my goals like even when i was young i was just like you know passionate about what i'm gonna become and for me to be whatever i am i had to be one with the earth and believe in my clear vision and they had to be existent through nature" – Jay Carson

“… it's important to get in touch with other people that like think a little bit in the same way that you do or that they do the same job and I had a chance to meet with other photographers thank you social media thank you internet because we got in touch and together we did this amazing project that is love experience that is like the same thing that I do but only for couples" – Rebecca Rinaldi

"...to reach the audience you need to think about a different way and first of all everybody in the world people have a smartphone and they have access to internet so you have to use this as an advantage for your own marketing and then especially social media is really based private on storytelling and images" – Val Vesa



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“If you need to be known in the market, you need to be showing yourself” – Tamer Radwan

“Love what you’re shooting, love the content you’re creating, your content doesn’t always have to be perfect” – Joey Montoya

“The passion can fuel you. It can get you to continue to move throughout the day. Recognize what really fuels you inside, so you can put out that work and you feel comfortable and good overall” – Joey Montoya

"I capture images of some of the most beautiful projects around the world that share love for each individual in need” – Effie Gerritsen

"Taking portraits of people that inspire me is for me a way to inspire or educate others. This world is full of interesting stories” – Effie Gerritsen


Hope you enjoyed our favorite 2020 quotes by our photographers!
Let us know in the comments which quote inspired you most!

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Photo by  mohsin alam  on  Scopio

Photo by  Joey Montoys  on  Scopio

 Photo by  Anastasia Casey  on  Scopio




Written by Angela Zoghbi

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