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Black Lives Matter

How to Support Black Photographers

You have always had our commitment that any act of racism, hate speech, and discrimination of any kind is not tolerated on Scopio and is a violation of our community guidelines. 

Ending structural racism is going to require every effort we have and we invite our community to join us in the cause by creating powerful content. We know that visuals are 40x more memorable than text and we’re here to share your stories and give a new narrative to the voice of photography.

Businesses, content creators, and journalists across America are waking up to racial injustice and the need for more representation in their stories. The very reason we started Scopio was to give communities all over the world a platform to be represented and heard. We put a black photographer collection front and center so that more businesses can see and use their incredible photos.

Download these Images to Help Support Black Artists 

Black Lives Matter Collection 

Black Lives Matter


Black Photographers Collection

Black Photographers


Our mission is to create long-term change and we will continue to seek out ways to be part of the progress, as a company and community.


Black Lives Matter Protests NYC


In the wake of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor's murders, demonstrations have sparked across the country demanding justice for people of color and an end to police brutality. 

See more photos on our Black Lives Matter Collection 


Black Lives Matter, Support the Black Community


Institutional racism is ever-present in American politics and power structures. As more people record incidents of police brutality against communities of color across the US, it is more important than ever to share stories from our communities. 

Although the gravity of the injustice is immense, we believe in the power of images, and the possibilities that come when we make an effort to use images that really represents our world. 


Black Lives Matter, Black Woman


We are really proud of the global artist and photographer community that we have created together! You are part of a community of over 13,000 photographers from 150 plus countries and we know that each of you has a unique view of the world that we need to share to spark the long term change we wish to see. 

Our mission is to document the world and tell stories. If you have a story about police brutality or fighting for justice for black lives, share it with us at


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