4 Tips From A Passionate Photographer That Will Widen Your Photography Vision

From Law to Photography

Zeina Kassem has always loved photography, ever since she was young. Yet, here’s a twist, she went to law school at first, but as she finished, she realized it wasn’t her thing. “Whatever I did, I always went back to photography.” To her, law was a good and interesting experience, but it just wasn’t her personality.

She went after photography because her happiness was at stake; if she hadn’t done that, she would’ve spent her life wondering “what if”.

Life as a freelance photographer in Beirut

kids sitting on an egg shaped old theatre building architecture

Zeina has been working as a photographer for 13 years now, since 2007. She focuses on capturing portraits of nature, humanity, and important social issues.

Shortly after the explosion in Beirut, Lebanon Zeina went out and documented the protests and the devastation that tore down buildings, homes, cars, and the livelihood of many Lebanese citizens.

Now living in her village, Zeina is working as a freelance photographer and documentarian, a dental surgeon photographer, and she is actually growing her own farm! What an interesting woman!

 Her Tips On Widening Your Photography Vision

men in black shirts taking pictures of the protest with their phones

She shares with us the following documentary photography tips that will make you widen your photography vision:

  1. Document everything that is happening

No detail is too much. When you document, people would be expecting to know everything about the subject being presented.


  1. Show the world in a really expressive and artistic way

Always be creative in your work. You are different that anyone else, and so is your work. Pour you passion in everything that you do. As artists, we have the of expressing our own and other people’s emotions in truly beautiful artistic ways.

  1. Be open to the rest of the world

Keep your eyes open. The more you observe, the more you see, the more you get inspired. Read that book. Learn more about that culture. Travel to that city. Collaborate with other artists. The more they know of you, the more they would want to see your work.

  1. Always do whatever makes you happy 
Even if it may seem difficult at the time, just remember that your happiness is the more valuable than any career.


For more on her style of photography, how she developed her art of photography, and the interesting role a plane played in that journey, check the full podcast attached above.
Also, let us know if you used those tips to widen your photography vision, and tell us what changes you felt!

Written by Angela Zoghbi

Content Creator

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