Top 13 Captures of Architectural Photography from The UAE, Spain, & Italy

The goal of an architectural photographer is to take a 3-dimensional object and make it pop on paper (or a digital equivalent) while still maintaining a minimalistic approach. 

We have found talented photographers from all around the world who have used their expertise to allow viewers to see various forms of architecture the way that that the designer envisioned it to be seen. We are featuring four of those photographers' works in this article.


Dubai Skyscape view with the Burj Khalifa above the clouds United Arab Emirates

Abdullah Dubai


About the Photographers

  • Ihsan Sahlia, who goes by TG (@tgfromdubai) is a lightroom and photoshop professional who lives in Dubai and not only shares his stunning captures of Dubai architecture and desert sunsets but who also runs his own media production and YouTube channel to teach viewers the fundamentals of photography. 
His videos explain everything from ‘why to shoot in RAW and not JPEG’ to ‘how to register your drone in Dubai’. You’ll find clips of his videos on our Instagram @scopioimages
  • Abdullah Dubai who goes by @stoptheroc on Instagram lives full time in the United Arab Emirates. He has focused on editing his photos to bring out the various color schemes that you see in Dubai.
  • Roc Isern who goes by @stoptheroc on Instagram is a photographer based in Catalunya his style is minimalistic and he focuses on clean and sharp photos. 

The United Arab Emirates

    Countries like the United Arab Emirates have taken a great leap in advancing modern architecture - this interest in rapid growth and development hit around the 1970s when a newfound wealth from oil sparked the economy.

    A decade later in 1980 it was decided that one of the Emirates, Dubai, would become a major tourist destination.

    The mixture of wealth and the desire to become a tourist hub was the major accelerator in creating some of the world’s most iconic buildings such as the Burj Khalifa: aka the tallest building in the world. 


    Burj Khalifa against the blue sky in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai

    Burj Khalifa/@tgfromdubai


    sheik zayed grand mosque at night Abu Dhabi United Arab EmiratesSheikh Zayed Grand Mosque/@tgfromdubai

    TG shoots his photos in RAW so that he can expressly derive the greatest color from his images - doing this is one of the ways that he is able to make the architecture pop in his photography.


    Sky View of Downtown Dubai at night


    As TG explained in one of his YouTube videos - he likes to focus on drawing out the blues and purples when editing his night-time architectural shots as it helps to accentuate the overall tone of the city. 


    Atlantis The Palm Dubai, United Arab Emirates at nightAtlantis, The Palm/@tgfromdubai

    William Baker, was the structural engineer who worked on the Burj Khalifa said, "In nature, things progress through evolution. But in architecture, you can create a new species out of nothing." 

    Many of the buildings in Dubai have taken on a mind of their own and it takes a talented photographer to capture that same majesty with their lens. 


    Colorful Dubai city at night with the moon in the backThe Cayan Tower Abdullah Dubai


    Dubai in color Abdullah Duba

    By using a color gradient in his photography, Abdullah Dubai has created the illusion of looking at the city in both the daytime and the nighttime in just one photo. 


    Burj Al Arab with a soft sunset as the backdropBurj Al Arab/ Abdulla Dubai 

    In this photo Abdullah utilized the excitement of the scenes around him to bring the architecture to life - and allow viewers to capture the essence of what it feels like to see the Burj Al Arab in person. 


    Sky View of Dubai City CenterAbdullah Dubai 

    Even though Dubai is an eccentric and vibrant city, the photographer has been able to capture the art of minimalism in his photography - which is a true characteristic of architectural photography.

      Barcelona, Spain


    Look up inside the Gaudi Palace Barcelona SpainRoc Isern

    "This is a lookup inside Palau Güell, a palace designed by Antoni Gaudí built-in 1886-1890" - Isern 

    Using a tilt-shift lens in architectural photography controls the perspective to create a balanced and powerful angle; this will showcase the architecture exactly as the designer intended for it to be seen.


    Spiraling Staircase Architectural PhotographyRoc Isern



    Black and White Architecture Windows

    Davide Urani

    Patterns are pleasing to the eye - humans find comfort in patterns. One of the best places to find patterns is architecture and taking advantage of this geometric symmetry is the architectural photographers' forté.


    Patterns & Symmetry

    Davide Urani


    If you are a photographer telling unique stories that offer a new perspective, submit your photos to to get featured and share your photos with the world! 


    Author: Dana Balsley 

    About the author, Dana is a content writer who has been traveling and living abroad for the past 4 years and thrives on culture and photography.


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