Top 10 authentic images from COVID-19

COVID-19 hands in gloves can not touch


"This photo represents love in the age of pandemic COVID19 and breaking rules that need to be respected." 

Veljko Vučković 

Shot in Zaječar, Serbia


COVID-19 took the world by surprise this year, but these photographers from around the world have found a way to remain creative, find light in the situation, and gain new skills.
We started a project at Scopio to allow photographers to show us how they have been expressing themselves creatively during these times. Many of the stories are filled with hope as these photographers use their imaginations to 're-create' their world during the quarantine. 
Here are their stories as seen through their lens, and heard through their words.



Blurry image of girl


girl with a strip of light shining on her face

"All these self-portraits I took them on April of 2020 on quarantine in my house in Barcelona!" 

Narella Bergallo

Shot in Barcelona, Spain


Nighttime sky with stars

 "This photo was taken after the lockdown had announced, seeing on the bright side the lockdown the pollution level decreased and we can see amazing night sky covered with stars." 

Mayank Purandare

Shot in India


Stormy blue sky over a playground

"These were taken behind my apartment complex this morning just before the rain started here in Vernon, Alabama. I really like God's artistic look in storm clouds. His creations are amazing."

Tim Thompson

Shot in Vernon, Alabama


high shutter speed photo of a knife chopping fruit

"Being in quarantine, I decided to use household items to express myself creatively."

Pierre Basmadjian

Shot in the United Arab Emirates


hair cutting tools


man cutting boy's hair during quarantine

"I believe most of the people are force to stay at home because of the pandemic. One of the thing that annoy us the most are our hair is getting longer and longer, and we do wish to have a fresh haircut. Here is the tools that my dad use to "reset" my brother's hairstyle in the back yard."

You Hong Lim 

Shot in Malaysia


foggy mirror photo of boy shaving


light shining on face

"Amongst the pandemic, I thought of utilizing this time for experiments with portraits and different lighting! Both the photos are shot in my home, the first one is my bathroom where I left a hot water tap open to create the fog, the second image is in my bedroom where I controlled the light by opening the door just enough for the light to form a strip on the face!"

Nixon Dsouza

Shot in India


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Author: Dana Balsley 

About the author, Dana is a content writer who has been traveling and living abroad for the past 4 years and thrives on culture and photography.  


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