Top Portrait Photography Hashtags for Likes Followers and Engagement

Top Portrait Photography Hashtags

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One of the most popular photography niches out there, and on Instagram is portrait photography; this is most likely because it is all about capturing people. However, portrait photography goes beyond just pointing your camera at people’s faces, it does require a lot of creativity and style. Many portrait photographers have even developed their own signature look for their portraits. Nevertheless, one obstacle some portrait photographers face is finding the right way to promote their photos. 

Oneway of promoting posts that is most times overlooked is the use of hashtags. Over some years now, hashtags have become incredible tools for not only gaining followers on social media but also exposing ones’ accounts to a wide range of people. If you have a photography page on Instagram and you make regular use of hashtags on your posts, you definitely would have noticed some engagements on those posts from users who don’t follow you.

The importance of hashtags can never be overemphasized especially for creative works like photography. One great thing about these hashtags is that whatever the photography niche you practice, there are groups of hashtags that are specific to that niche alone. Hence, your work is directed to just the right set of eyes.

If you would love to increase the engagements on your portraits and expose your posts to more people, then you definitely need to make use of the right set of hashtags. So, here are the top portrait photography hashtags you should use;


The above hashtags are the top hashtags used by portrait photographers. These hashtags will definitely make your portraits more discoverable. However, you shouldn’t just bombard your posts with just any hashtag; take your time to select the right ones for your different posts.

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Here is what some photo creators who use Scopio have to say;

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