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How TraveLibro Cut Stock Photos for Social Media Influencers

How TraveLibro Cut Stock Photos for Social Media Influencers

“Every strip of ticket and every stamp on the passport entail a story,” TraveLibro declares. “We want to listen to yours and tell some of ours.” TraveLibro — a social platform that began as a seed of an idea in 2013 and launched in 2017 — is a way for social media influencers to capture and post travel experiences and inspire others to do the same. By viewing past posts, users can relive their travel memories time and time again.

As a self-described “travel portal” for those with a bit of wanderlust in their hearts, they connect their users with fellow travelers, bloggers and agents while also allowing them to search for all of their travel needs in one place. Whether folks need a quick flight abroad, an itinerary or a car to rent for a weekend escapade, they’re covered through this all-in-one social platform.

It’s clear that TraveLibro values the unique experience of each and every individual. So instead of only purchasing one-size-fits-all stock photography to build their new brand, TraveLibro opted for an increasingly popular social media strategy: Discovering, licensing and publishing user-generated content, or extraordinary photos and videos from social media influencers.

Using Scopio’s image search engine and licensing platform, TraveLibro crafted a few campaigns to curate stunning UGC. And as a result, the team can enjoy a real-time feed of engaging visual content from around the globe.

Here’s what the journey with UGC has been like for their team, from sparking relationships with prominent travel bloggers to transforming their social feeds.


Searching for Something Real

Like any startup, TraveLibro’s team faced the daunting task of building a social media strategy from the ground up. Scopio’s platform was able to ease that common pain point.

“We have had a great learning experience with Scopio,” says Priyanka Wani, part of TraveLibro’s Business Development and Strategy team.

The team learned about the benefits of UGC when researching the best social media marketing tactics: “We came to understand that UGC is the key to nail it on social media,” she adds. “And that is when we chanced upon Scopio.”

By publishing UGC from social media influencers in place of staged stock photography, TraveLibro promotes content that truly aligns with their audience’s beliefs and values. After all, UGC is adventurous — just like their dedicated fans.




Keeping it Individual

Though TraveLibro does source brilliant visuals on Scopio using specialized hashtags and keywords, they’re unique from other clients in one aspect — they also use Scopio’s platform to gather content from carefully curated lists of influencers. In their case, that’s travel influencers with a solid following.

“We source images from Scopio primarily to use high resolution and quality images of travel photographers and bloggers that we could use to post on our social media feed,” Priyanka explains.

To license that high-quality content, TraveLibro simply creates searches with up to 25 @usernames from Twitter or Instagram. The result? A constantly refreshing feed of great posts from their favorite accounts.

To license them, TraveLibro simply sends the photographer a friendly white-labeled comment from their own Twitter or Instagram account. And soon, they’ll be able to use Scopio’s platform to send direct messages to social media influencers like the ones below.

Social media users post over a billion photos to the internet a day, but not all of them are high-quality pieces of content. With Scopio’s machine learning technology, TraveLibro doesn’t have to deal with the spam, advertisements and junk posts so common on popular social sites. They’re left with the social media version of a blank canvas — a clean feed of relevant content.



Better Visuals Pay Off

Did you know that UGC is 35% more memorable and 50% more trusted than other forms of media? Today’s consumers can detect inauthenticity faster than you can say “fake,” and in turn are more reluctant to engage with stock photography. Scopio’s clients — including TraveLibro and real-estate startup Mashvisor — are no stranger to this phenomenon.

“We see that stock photographs receive very low engagement (in terms of likes, comments and shares) as opposed to UGC posts,” Priyanka explains. And as a growing brand, it’s especially important to both build your audience and keep them around.


Our interaction with the Scopio team has been amazing; Marlee and Christina have been very helpful and understanding to accommodate our needs in order to make the most out of the Scopio platform. — Priyanka Wani, part of TraveLibro’s Business Development and Strategy team

By reposting or licensing images from great travel photographers, TraveLibro gets the engagement they work hard for.

“Viewers perceive the content as genuine and [it] gives a human element to the brand,” she adds.

They’re also enjoying the features that separate Scopio’s platform from messy manual searching on social media. For one thing, Instagram has no feature that allows you to download individual images and videos. Scopio’s platform allows TraveLibro to either download authorized images or drag and drop them into a desktop or folder.

“Scopio also allows you to create campaigns which make it easier to manage and organize searches based on specific needs,” she says.


Planning for the Future

As a content-heavy site, TraveLibro’s team often creates new material. Whether it’s a blog, city or country must-do list, editor itinerary or Facebook post, they’re always in need of fresh visual content. “For this, Scopio is a great platform for us to source images of real people,” Priyanka says.

In the future, the team plans to use Scopio for the same purposes: Discovering great posts from influencers or travel-related hashtags, licensing them with a few clicks and then publishing them on social media feeds.


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“Our interaction with the Scopio team has been amazing,” Priyanka says. “Marlee and Christina have been very helpful and understanding to accommodate our needs in order to make the most out of the Scopio platform.”

Scopio is the industry’s premier search and licensing platform for images and videos on social media. We help companies find and use the photos and videos that matter to their audience, from capturing content to evaluating the analytics on campaigns. Wondering how to find high-performing visuals from social media influencers? Request a demo with the button below. Featured photo by Jonathan Mendoza/Scopio submission. 

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