Turn your passion for photography into a career 3 steps


Animal rights protests in Lebanon

After studying to be a lawyer for 4 years, Zeina Kassem (from Beirut Lebanon) never imagined that her job title would be 'photographer. But when an unlikely opportunity to work for an airlines in Dubai presented itself, she took the opportunity as a sign to change careers. She accepted the job and also decided to enroll in a photography class that lasted another 2 years. 

For Zeina this was a quick and easy decision, either choose to follow a fulfilling path or remain in a career that caused her great unhappiness. 

She chose to be happy. 

Revolution in Beirut Lebanon

Zeina who is from Lebanon has also been present to document the revolution in Beirut and captured photos of the devastation left behind from the Beirut Explosion. 

Build a Photography Career in 3 Steps

Step Number 1: Go With the Flow 

Opportunity presents itself every day, but when the right opportunities come along you will know. Do not sit or wait on the decision, follow your heart, as Zeina said and choose what makes you feel happy. 

Step Number 2: Set Up a Studio

Photography is a form of self expression, but often times industries set tight restrictions that stop photographers from implementing their unique style to the images. As we evolve, we will notice that more and more photographers will move away from commercial photography. So open up your own studio, start freelancing, and develop your authentic brand. 

Step Number 3: Understand your Strength and Weaknesses

Zeina admits that although she has a talent for photography and business - social media is not a strong point for her, however with 20k plus followers you would never know that. This is in great thanks to her sister, who she admitted runs her social media for her. 

Knowing what you are good at and what you are bad at is key to movement in the right direction, and in Zeina's case, handing over the social media to her sister has allowed her to focus on what she is best at - photographing people!

Luckily, social media apps like Instagram, Whats App, Facebook, etc... have been a key resource in communicating with new clients and 

Never let a weakness deter you from utilizing a fundamental tool to build your business - either take a course and learn that skill, or find a friend that can help you learn the tools. 


Photo of the Destruction from the Beirut Explosion


A photo of the port in Beirut, Lebanon after the massive blast. 

To see more of Zeina's images visit her Scopio page: Zeina Kassem

Zeina also helped to contribute a large portion of photos from the explosion plus provided narration for a video created by our team at Scopio. Click to see the video on YouTube

See more of Zeina's story below 

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