Eight of The Most Famous Types of Photography

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Photography is a universal language.

In more technical terms, it is the art of using a camera to capture light, and create an image.


What is Photography

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Did you know that the first photograph was captured in 1826, as some sources state? Since then, we’ve come a long way!

We started to develop with colors, equipment, stats… Also, as the photography scope grew wider, different types of photography emerged.

Photographers began to have their own styles, depending on the purpose of their photography. Diversity at its best!

Some have the purpose of providing detailed information of specific events, others aim to capture moments of enjoyment with their loved one, while some use photography to shed light on specific matters.


Photography Types

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As photographers, most of us tend to pass by all different types of photography, before finding our favorite and building ourselves with it.

But here’s a question for you: Have you ever wondered how many types of photography there are?

Well, there are over 60 types. Yep, 60! They each vary in the subject matter, the equipment, the techniques, and simply, the style.

Let’s go over 8 of the most famous types of photography:

group of people riding horses under blue sky

This type of photography captures animals in their natural habitat.

This type of photography is one of the most challenging since the photographer has to approach the animals without being detected, and has to capture the animals at a specific moment, in order to get that perfect shot. So the photographer has to be on high alert all the time, with the best technical skills.



It is the photography of nature, the outdoors, such as large lands and spaces, either done naturally or by man.

It gives the viewer the feeling of the world around them.

Most of the landscape photographers prefer to capture spaces with little to no human element, in order to portray the pure and human free nature.

low angle photography of buidling

In this type of photography, photographers capture aesthetically appealing buildings, skyscrapers, and structures.

It provides the viewer the feeling of a built environment.

woman wearing brown hoodie jacket

This type of photography captures clothes and fashion, most of the time featuring models. It is done during fashion shows, fashion shoots, and all things related to fashion industries.

 Most of these pictures end up in fashion magazines and blogs, such as Elle, Vogue, Allure…


It is the art of capturing humans; their moods, emotions, personalities, and expressions.

It is simply the photography of humans.


This type of photography is the act of capturing events at the moments of their happening.

In this type of photography, the photographer has to be realistic and, since these photographs depict real life events, in their most natural contexts.

Also, since through photos you tell stories, here the photographer has to be honest and detached while telling those stories.

man and woman kissing on white floor

As its name depicts, this type of photography features black and white pictures.

It includes shades of grey, whites, and blacks.

In these types of photographs, the focus is more on the details of the subjects being photographed, not disrupted by the colors.


This type of photography is simply the art of capturing pictures at weddings.

What’s interesting about this type of photography is that it is a mixture of almost all the different types of photography; it includes portrait, landscape, macro, fashion, and action photography.


So let us know in the comments what your favorite type of photography is and why!

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