Underground Fashion Photography in Tunisia


girl with red eye makeup and earings

Yesmine Abed knows all the top spots in Tunisia to set up her photoshoots. Her hands-on approach to photography, passion for pushing human rights, and a unique understanding of styling have transformed her images into an expressive work of art. 

Learn about how she gets involved with startups as a freelance photographer - and how she has pushed her brand to be more than an image- but a story piece. 

Her unique schooling has encouraged her to push human rights by challenging the norms of her culture. Instead of thinking of 'hijabs and the Sahara Desert' Yesmine wants other to know that Tunisia is a modern and open place, where women can wear bikinis, and people are free to express themselves. This is the message she aims to share in her images. She is able to obtain this by working with her friends that are stylists and make up artists. 

She shares how this partnership with her stylist friends is very important to help bring to life the 'look' that she wants to portray in her images. She expresses that the ability to bring a work of art to life is emphasized when you work as a team. 

Listen to the podcast to understand more about how Yesmine has created a name and a brand for herself. 

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