Using Props in Photography

What Props to use in Photography

Let’s get this fact straight – props are definitely a blessing to photography. However, some photographers feel otherwise. They have the notion that props ruin photos; hence, they avoid using them. In some cases, they might just be right. Props can really ruin your shots, but only when you do not fully understand why and how to use them. 

When used properly, props can help you unlock amazing new ideas and also improve your creativity while adding to the overall beauty of your photos. But these questions arise – why do you want to use props? And how can you use them properly? Well, let’s get right into it.

Why do you want to use props?

  • Props help make images more attractive. Props are a great way to add character to your photos; when used properly, they can make images that might seem abstract more interesting to look at.
  • Props make your subjects more comfortable. When shooting portraits, your subjects can focus their attention on your prop of choice while you take photos of them. This not only makes your subjects relax during the shoot but also helps you add drama to the resulting photos.

So, how do you use props properly?

  • Get props that will work for you
  • One of the ways by which you can ruin your photos with props is by using the wrong set of props; that is, using props that do not fit into your shot. One thing you should note is that every scene requires a different prop and that not just any prop will fit into your shot; some things just do not go together. Hence; you need to take your time when selecting props while putting what you are shooting into consideration.

    It is good to remember that you do not have to get or buy expensive props, you could just create yours or use something you already own. A nice prop to use could be something as simple as polaroid – as long as it fits well into your frame.

  • Do not overuse props
  • There is no doubt that props can make your shots really attractive but you will be making a big mistake if you think that the more props you use, the better your photos will be. The truth is, the fewer props you use, the better. The main aim of using props is to add character to your photos and make them more interesting not to replace your subject.

    When you use too many props, you pull attention away from your subject – instead of being a complement to your subject, the props become a distraction. Therefore, you should try to make your use of props minimal and try not to overuse them.

  • Give props unique placements
  • It is true that when you expect something to happen, you are never really blown away by it when it does happen. This also quite true when using props. When you use props in a way that is conventional – a way that people expect, then your shots will just look ordinary without drawing the attention of your audience. The goal, therefore, is to position any prop you use in a unique way – a way that will not only seem new and interesting but will also increase your audience’s attention to your photos.

    To wrap things up …

    You should not be afraid to use props in your photography, instead, you should embrace them well. Consider it as something that will help you add that little bit of extra shine to your work, something that will help you become more creative. Just as a reminder, remember to use them wisely, do not try to overuse them and use what works for you. 

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