What is stock photography? Plus advice from seasoned photographers


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Stock photography is for the freelance photographer who wants to earn money with the photos they take. Overall it is a great way to earn extra money (passive income) on images or photos that might just be stuck on your hard drive collecting (electronic?) dust. 

It takes those otherwise forgotten images, finds a home for them, and turns them into a profitable resource for the photographer. But that being said, there are some stock companies that make the process a bit more difficult for the creative than we think it should be. 

How to maintain your style as a stock photographer

Every day more photos are taken than in history combined and the majority do not receive the full recognition they deserve - on top of that some stock agencies will make requirements for submitting an image so high that the photographer has to take time away from other important projects to focus on designing a photo shoot that meets the specifications of that stock company, most of the time this takes the creativity and authenticity straight out of the photos - and the result equals posed, inauthentic, boring photos. 

So we want to tell you some quick tips about how to get involved in stock photography without dedicating your entire day or week to a photoshoot that you are not even passionate about. 

Scopio, is a photo marketplace for the freelance photographer who wants to was designed for the photographer who wants more freedom of expression and individuality. It was also designed for the business or creative who wants to step away from traditional stock photography and instead find images that are representative of diverse people, cultures and beliefs. We took away the strict requirements and instead stepped away and let the artists do what they do best - create authentic images that represent the real world instead of shallow industry designed standards. 

Photographer Tips for Finding Success

Every week we go live with one of our Scopio photographers and they share how they have been able to create better photos, be free with their expression, and streamline the process so that they can create more.

Eveline Garretson from the Netherlands shares some of her tips for getting ahead as a photographer.

Market Yourself As A Photographer


"...to reach the audience you need to think about a different way and first of all everybody in the world people have a smartphone and they have access to internet so you have to use this as an advantage for your own marketing and then especially social media is really based private on storytelling and images"

2 Tips for Overcoming Anxiety As a Street Photographer


"It takes a lot of exercise asking somebody can i take your photo is not enough you should have on you some sort of either your phone with some photos that you took already of similar characters or similar setups you can show them this these are my latest five portraits that i took if you like them can i take one because i'm doing a series or i'm doing a gallery or whatever but what i do personally is i never think of the rule of you know whatever framing whatever lightning i mean look at me i'm in a bad light right now i don't care but what's the most important thing is think before you press that trigger on the button on you know the shadow of the camera what do you want to send away from that

shot what do you want people to understand beyond what they see..."


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You can maintain who you are and still stretch yourself so that you have more reach and earn more money. 

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Article written by Dana Balsley

Marketing and Community Manager at Scopio

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