5 apps to use to edit your Reels for Instagram and Tiktok

These are 5 great platforms to edit your reels.

1. Premiere Rush from Adobe

2. Video Lead

3. iMovie is great, especially if you like to use your computer, and even easy on your phone

4. Tiktok helps you transition with your thumb and lining up music is easier. Try the disco filter!

5. Instagram could use a bit of improvement on their editing. It would be great if we could have a sound wave below clips on Tiktok or Instagram for editing to line up transitions better.


Cameras are great, but using your phone is easy fast, and doesn't give you any problems.

Use more hashtags and make them more specific to your target audience. You can use 30 hashtags on a reels video. Give yourself 30 chances to reach that target audience.

There is an app called FocalMark that can help you find hashtags. This is especially good for travel and hustle content. 


Some more tips for your reels on Instagram:

If you post your reels to your Instagram feed, it will increase your engagement. You don't have to keep it. You can post it or archive it. The fact that you are posting your reel triggers the algorithm to boost your post.  You are also showing your reels video to your followers that way. It won't show up in their timeline but it will show up in your reels on your page and still give you the boost. 

Scopio built this hashtag generator that you can use to get more engagement and tell better stories using Artificial Intelligence. It is totally free. Use here: https://hashtags.scop.io/

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